The Best Family Tattoo Ideas (With Meanings and Pictures)

Family tattoos are beautiful visual representations to those that you love the most. That is because families are the main priority in most peoples lives, whether it is the one that you were born into or one that you have made yourself. Having a family is one of the most substantial blessings that you can have in a lifetime. Tattoos are one of the best ways that you can express that feeling. The expression is so strong because a tattoo is often as permanent as the bond that you have with the people around you.

Family Tattoo Ideas
Family Tattoo Ideas

Men are more commonly known to have a family tattoo, but with the rise of women getting inked, this trend is sure to change too. There are a lot of ways that you can show our loyalty to your family through tattoos. Here at Tattooli, we have designed this article to show you some of the best family tattoo ideas that you can get.

Animal Family Tattoos

Animal family tattoos can be one of the more common themes of tattoos to show this expression of love. That is because some animals have an inherent need to be close to their family no matter what.  Do not think that any animal will have the same significance to the family, though. Some animals have a different bond with their families, and some have no relationship at all. Make sure to do your research before getting any tattoos, especially when it is for your family.

Animal Family Tattoos

Elephant Family Tattoo

Elephants are well known to be family orientated animals. That makes them ideal candidates for tattoos related to your family. There are many different ideas that you can incorporate into elephant family tattoos. Take a look at some of the images that we have got for you.

  • Elephants playing

Elephants playing tattoo

  • Adult elephants with the family crest on the headdress
elephants family tattoo
elephants family tattoo
  • Walking elephants holding tails

Walking elephants holding tails

  • Elephant trunks in shape of a heart

Elephant trunks in shape of a heart

Lion Family Tattoo

Lions are also a very family orientated animal. A family of lions is called a pride and for a good reason. They are proud to be part of each other. Lions are relatively easy to incorporate into the family style tattoos. The reason they are suitable for family tattoos is that there are a “king” lion and a “queen” lion in the form of a lioness. These are both very good for using as the parents in a family, with the cubs being your children.

Here are some of the best ideas for lion family tattoos:

Lion Family Tattoo

Lion Family Tattoo Idea

Wolf Family Tattoo

Wolves are usually a symbol of loyalty. They are great to symbolize your commitment to family; however, with all of these tattoos, you need to think about if your family grows. Will you want a wolf face for each of the members of your family? If you will, then you are better to either make sure that you have finished your family or leave space for newcomers!

Wolf Family Tattoo


Family Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos are a great way to symbolize your loyalty to your family. Although discreetness is not what everyone wants when they get a tattoo for their family, some people still do want them to be a little discrete. An ideal way to do this is through quotes.

Family orientated quotes can be anything from just one word; “Family” to longer quotes like this one here:

Family Quote Tattoo

The best part of a quote being used is that it can be as unique as your family. Therefore, you don’t have to have an image for each member of the family; you can write a small passage for each.

Heart Family Tattoo

Hearts and families go hand in hand. As a result, hearts are the primary yet most potent symbol of love. Therefore, using the heart to encompass your family is an ideal way to show your love towards the people you love the most. Here are a couple of ways in which you can use them together:

  • A heart as the F and underline

Heart Family Tattoo

  • The word “family” in the shape of a heart

family heart shape tattoo

  • Family quotes in the form of a heart

Family quotes heart tattoo

  • Names in the Shape of a Heart

name in the shape of a heart tattoo

  • A Family Scene Inside a Heart

Family Scene Inside a Heart tattoo

As you can see above, there are a plethora of ways in which you can use a heart to show your loyalty and love for your family.

Infinity Family Tattoo

Infinity symbols are possibly the highest contenders for family tattoos other than hearts.

Infinity Family Tattoo

The infinity symbol is a mathematical symbol for, well, infinity. Never-ending and limitless. You may think that there is not much that you can do with an infinity symbol other than having the emblem. However, you would be wrong. Take a look at some of the ways that you can use the symbol:

  • Double infinity

double infinity tattoo

  • Infinity with images inside
  • Infinity with writing

Infinity tattoo with image inside

  • Dragon infinity

Dragon infinity

Family Tree Tattoo

Family trees are one of the more apparent styles of family tattoos. They can be created in a few ways. They are also easy to add too, as you can add new branches coming from behind existing branches. Here are some ideas of how to use a tree as a family tattoo:

  • Roots wrapping around your family name

Roots family tattoo

  • A branch for each member of the family

branch family tattoo

  • A bird or other animal for each member

tree and birds family tattoo

You can also add names of your family members to a general tree. Therefore allowing for a more large family tree to be designed, to incorporate cousins and other relatives.

The Best Family Tattoo Ideas – Conclusion

There are many, many family tattoos that you can have. Although, this is just a little taster of some of the ideas that you have to work from. Why not try to add a few of the designs together into one tattoo? I think that having enough of a family quote made into the shape of a tree would be something of great beauty. However, I have never seen this before. If you have the tree, I have just said about, or some of your styles of tattoo for your family, please let us know.

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