Everything to know about the Tattoos of Cardi B

Cardi B Tattoos inspire her fans because of her expressiveness and straightforward personality. Tattoos are a way of expressing one’s self through inking your body. Celebrities have always adorned their bodies with different symbols. Cardi B is one artist with several tattoos on her body. Knowing about someone’s thought behind a tattoo is quite impressive.

What tattoo should you get

Who is Cardi B?

By now we know a lot about Cardi B tattoos meaning, however, we should know a little about her. Barbie B’s real full name is Bellis Marlenis Almánzar. Her birthday is on 11th of October. Currently, she works as a rapper, singer, songwriter and a television personality. A lot of her popularity comes from the exposure of Instagram and Vines. She got two Grammy Awards nomination and won three MTV Video Music Awards till now. She released her debut studio Album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ in 2018. Cardi B was present in TV on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live! A favorite brand like Tom Ford launched a lipstick based on her in 2018, and it was a super hit. Cardi B married Offset in a secret ceremony held in their bedroom. They previously got engaged in October of 2018. She had her first child Kulture Kiari Cephus in 2018.

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So, let us see some of the tattoos that Cardi B has on her body and their meanings.

Cardi B has a ‘Belkis’ tattoo on her right wrist. Cardi B’s real name is Bellis, so the tattoo is a turn on her name.
On the right wrist, you can see ‘Tommy G’ tattooed. It is the name of Cardi’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy Geez. The tattoo is in red.
Cardi B works out a lot and the biceps, and you will see her sister’s name on her left bicep. It reads ‘Hennessy’ adorned with three beautiful roses, check Avengers tattoos as well for more ideas.
The right bicep has ‘Loyalty over Royalty’ tattooed which is the motto of her life.
A person doesn’t always do a hip tattoo. However, Cardi B being bold has tattoos on both her hips. A cheetah is on her left hip and a massive peacock on her right hip which continues to her thigh.
The upper back is a common place for tattoos. She has the name ‘Samuel’ inked on her high back area.
Her tattoo behind her right ear has a hand making ‘I love you’ in the American Sign Language. It also has a star beside it.

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So, by now you are aware of the fact that Cardi B is a huge star.

Her tattoos are an inspiration to ladies who want to get inked. Even her fans show the loyalty by actually inking themselves in her portraits. She loves her fans and kisses her back. In the upcoming years, we may see more tattoos as she has just launched her debut album. Moreover, we also want to look at more inks on her body that will inspire us and her fans even more. So, stay tuned until we update on her new pieces.