Leg Tattoos for Women – Best Ideas Hand Picked

One of the hottest trends in the ink world at the moment are leg tattoos. Today I am going to show you some of the best leg tattoos for women that are available. Legs are one of the most captivating areas of a persons’ body. Having a tattoo on your legs will draw attention to them, and give them an even more appealing allure.

There are a few ways in which leg tattoos are superior to others. That is not to say that you should have a leg tattoo instead of everything else. However, as you will see, there are definitely some advantages.

Legs have a large area to work with. Having this extra space will give you more room to work your imagination, and get more details that you would in say arm sleeves, etc. They also have a lovely curve that is unavailable on any other part of the body. Lastly, but certainly not least is the movement. Legs have a movement curve that is unlike any part of the body too.

Leg Tattoos for Women

One of the main things that you need to consider when you are thinking about a leg tattoo is that it is such a large area. That will mean that you need to take extra care to plan what you are going to have where. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to think about when you are planning your leg tattoo.

Planning your Leg Tattoos

As I have just said, take your time when you are planning on a leg tattoo. As I am sure that you have already found out, tattoos can become quite addictive. This meant that you are likely to want more tattoos on your leg after your first one. So be sure to plan it. Some things that you need to think about are these:

Size – The legs may not seem that big an area, but when you are getting a tattoo on it, they are. Plan how you will use that space. If you want a full leg sleeve, then be sure to have enough ideas to fill your leg.

Shape – The shape of your leg is just as important. You will want to think about what you have where, as you will not want to have a beautiful piece of work finished only to find out that it looks strange when you sit down.

Clothing – Clothing can change the appearance of a tattoo slightly. If you have certain clothes that you always wear, try to make sure that the main aspects of your tattoos will not be cut short by your gym shorts.

With all of that said, let’s have a look at some of the designs:

Thigh Tattoos for Women

Thighs are already alluring parts of the body. Using a leg tattoo on your thighs will undoubtedly draw more attention to them. You can use these tattoos on their own for when you want to cover them up, or you can include them into full leg sleeve tattoos. Some of the most popular styles of thigh tattoos are:

Flower Thigh Tattoo

mandala tight tattoo for women

  • Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers tight tattoo

Quotes tight tattoo idea

Just keep it in mind that you may want to extend these tattoos to a full sleeve. However, you can cover up thigh tattoos with ease. So it may be the best place to start with.

Leg Tattoos for Women

Whether you are looking for thigh tattoos like above, or something different. There are many types of leg tattoos for women. It is quite a broad subject just to talk about leg tattoos. However, here are some ideas that you may want to incorporate.

leg tattoos for women calf

Shin Tattoos for Women

Shin tattoos are possibly one of the most painful areas to have tattoos because of how close the bone is to the skin. However, they are indeed lovely to look at when they are done. Although shin tattoos seem to be one of the least common tattoos that women are having at the moment. So if you are looking for something different to most people, take a look at some of the pictures below.

Shin Tattoos for Women

Shin Tattoos for Women

Women’s Leg Tattoo Ideas

There are so many ideas that you can utilize for leg tattoos. It would be quite hard to give you many ideas for leg tattoos. That is only because there are so many options. Some leg tattoo ideas that you can use are coming up next.

leg tattoo ideas for women

roses leg tattoo for women

Feminine Leg Skull Tattoos

Gone are the days of skulls being only for men. Skull tattoos can be done very femininely, and they look beautiful too. Whether you are looking for the more traditional, realistic type of skull, or something more bright and lively like a candy skull. Maybe even a butterfly skull!

butterfly skull leg tattoo design

Feminine Leg Skull Tattoos

Bow Tattoo on Thigh

Bow tattoos are beautiful. Usually done on the back of the thigh, a ribbon sometimes accompanies them. They are so popular that even Katie Price has had one! A bow tattoo usually symbolizes that there is something special hidden inside the wearer of the tattoo. It is a little bit like telling people who see it not to judge a book by the cover.

Bow Tattoo on Thigh

beautiful Bow Tattoo on Thigh

Unique Leg Tattoos for Women

Looking for a new way to show off your ink? Uniqueness is a difficult thing to show on the internet. The main reason is that if we show you images, they are not unique! So, my main piece of advice is to take a look through some of these tattoos that we think are a little different and make some adaptations depending on your personality and style.

3d leg tattoo

Full Leg Tattoos for Women

As I was saying earlier, be sure to plan a full leg tattoo. If you do it well, they can look awesome! Some of the most popular full leg tattoos that women have are:

  • Japanese Sleeve

japanese sleeve leg tattoos

  • Mandala

Mandala full leg tattoo

  • Traditional Style

traditional full leg tattoo

  • Floral

floral full leg tattoo

tribal full leg tattoo for women

Small Thigh Tattoos

If large, full leg tattoos aren’t your thing, why not start with some small thigh tattoos. There are so many options for small tattoos that you can choose from. Almost all of the symbols that you have seen so far can probably be scaled down into a small image. What I would suggest is that you pick a style and tattoo that you feel like you could expand on if you like. Some of the forms that you can have are like these:

  • Quotes

small Quote Thigh tattoo

  • Single Flowers

small single flower Thigh tattoo

  • Small Animals

small Animal flower Thigh tattoo

  • Small symbols like an anchor, arrow or compass

arrow tattoo for women

Back of Thigh Tattoos

Again, there are many types of tattoos for the back of the thighs. However, there are a few common types that people have:

  • Mandalas

Mandalas back Thigh tattoo

  • Bows

Bows back Thigh tattoo

  • Quotes

Quotes back Thigh tattoo

Simple Thigh Tattoos

Although we have looked at small tattoos for your legs, there are still different types of simple tattoo. Outlines are often used to keep tattoos simple. However, try to pick a design that will have some detail to make it visible it is not an unfinished tattoo.

Simple Thigh Tattoos

Leg Tattoos for Women – Conclusion

I think that I have probably covered most of the options that you have for leg tattoos. There are a lot of thigh tattoos in this article, but I feel like that is because it is one of the more up and coming areas for women to have tattoos. You can merge almost all of the styles that you have seen into your own, personal style of tattoo. Of course, this is precisely what I would suggest.

Tattoos are personal. They need to have meanings to them for you individually. Always take your time selecting a tattoo, and this is even more prevalent when you are getting one on such a large area like the legs. You never know when you will want to expand, and getting a cover-up is a waste of time and money.

Let us know if you have any other ideas for women’s leg tattoos, or if you have any that you would like to get incorporated into the article.

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