[MUST SEE] – What tattoo suits you best?


Choose one of the flowers below

What tattoo should you get

What do you do for fun?

If you were in the music industry, where would you like to be famous?

How would you define the way you dress?

What did you want to be when you were little?

How do you imagine your tattoo to be?

Why do you want to get a tattoo?

What tattoo would you choose for your best friend?

What is, in your opinion, a person’s greatest quality?

I you were a car, what kind would you be?

What music style represents you best?

[MUST SEE] - What tattoo suits you best?
The wild in you

Your perfect tattoo is a wild animal: a wolf, a cheetah, a lion or even a reptile. You’re wild and always ready for adventure and adrenaline. You live for loud parties and you love the places where people are free to be themselves. You’re not afraid of challenges and you look forward to have your creativity and imagination challenged. You are a rare combination of dare and love of life. Congratulations! Your ideal tattoo is an animal as wild as you, and you can take your pick: from the strong tiger to the stealthy crocodile, choose the one that best represents you.
Carry the mystery with you

Your perfect tattoo is a mythical creature: a dragon, a fairy, an unicorn or whatever your imagination thinks of. You are mysterious and you are deeply in love with the things that challenge your intellect, such as puzzles and the magic of oriental stories. You have an explosive nature and people often have a fearful respect towards you. At the same time, those who get to really know you enjoy your respect and your protection for life. Your perfect tattoo is a mythical creature, the hero of legends – like the phoenix bird, or the powerful foe – like a dragon or even death.
Nature is your nature

Your perfect tatto should embellish your body with themes from the nature: flowers, birds or small insects like ladybugs, butterflies or dragon-flies. You are a daydreamer, a buff for love novels and meet-cute movies. You like to spend time outdoors and observe the others. You enjoy good music and you are a die-hard romantic. Your friendly, artistic manner matches with a nature-inspired tattoo. Consider flowers or natural elements for your tattoo. If you are talented, maybe you could try to make your own design for the tattoo. Whatever you choose, this tattoo will make you stand out on a crowded beach. Good luck!
Write it down

Your body is canvas and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it as such: start with a subtle significant phrase, or maybe with a handwritten word of deep significance. You are pragmatic and down-to-earth, always planning ahead and willing to go to extreme lengths to get it your way. Your strong character and your straightforwardness makes people respect you. You can stand out with a tattoo of a phrase that characterizes you best, placed in a daring spot, such as your clavicle, your spine or the inside of your lip. You’re never afraid to be yourself, so you need a tattoo that underlines the best aspects of your personality.

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