A Guide to The Best Tattoo Guns on the Market

Whether you are looking to break into the tattoo industry or you are already an established tattoo artist keen to add more equipment into your arsenal, this article will help you pick out from the seven tattoo guns that come highly recommended.

Tattoos are becoming more popular these days. Many are now starting to see the beauty of this art as a form of self-expression. As such, the demand has opened up a lot of opportunities for tattoo shops to grow and succeed. As an artist, your tattoo output will always be determined by your skill level. However, it helps to have excellent gear to take your art to a whole new level.

Don’t allow your customers to ever regret getting their first tattoos in your shop. Make sure they always leave your shop satisfied with your excellent tattoo work made possible by high quality equipment. Good equipment will also allow you to work efficiently especially if you have a lot of customers waiting in line. Read on as we narrow down the best tattoo guns available in the market today and answer your common questions. An in-depth buying guide will also help you know what to look for in a tattoo gun so that you will never regret your purchase.

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Wormhole Tattoo Gun

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If line work is your specialty, this tattoo gun is perfect for you. You can match it with standard available metal and disposable tubes. Because it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is imported from Italy, this tattoo gun is so much lighter at only 5.57 oz (158 g). The frame is a built-in five-axis CNC frame which allows the gun to be more stable as it operates quietly.

Coils are made of copper while the cores are made of high-carbon steel. These ensure higher durability which will allow your machine to last longer. The spring is made of manganese steel which is elastic and has strong fatigue resistance. Because of the sterling silver contact screw, the whole tattoo gun is more conductive. All these quality materials ensure that you get your money’s worth. While the starting voltage is 5V, its operating voltage is between 5V to 10V. It is best used in the range of 5.5 – 8V to prolong the life of the machine.

If you need other supplementary tattoo items for your shop, Wormhole offers many tattoo equipment to meet every customers’ different demands.


Stigma Tattoo Gun Complete Tattoo Kit

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Made possible by the two machines that operate with a coil and rotary mechanism, respectively, you can do both lining and shading work. The rotary machine is extremely beginner friendly with its well-designed motor. It is powerful enough so that the needle moves fast for precise work. You can adjust the power supply voltage so you can flexibly do linework or shading work. The coil gun creates clean outlines ideal for line work.

Because the product comes in a kit, you will have everything you need to start tattooing. A purchase includes 20 pieces of needles with sizes 3RL, 5RL, 3RS, 5RS. Each size comes in 5 pieces. A CNC power supply, along with two aluminum grips, and 7 high quality inks in popular colors are included. These inks are recommended for practice use only.

Lastly, STIGMA is a brand that specializes in creating various tattoo machines and supplies that many tattoo artists trust. This is readily evident in the ergonomic and easy to use tattoo gun kit.


Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit with Case

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Perfect for lining and shading work, the Dragonhawk tattoo machine best operates in the voltage range of 7V to 10V. The frame of the machine is made of high-quality iron with a special surface treatment making it sturdy. It is lightweight and features low vibrations. This way, you can work for a longer period of time without ever getting your hands tired.

You can make smooth, vibrant, and consistent tattoos with this Dragonhawk tattoo gun. The inks are safe and made in the USA. 50 Dragonhawk tattoo needles are included. The Dragonhawk tattoo power supply has a built-in short-circuit and leakage protection. This makes operation of the machine safer, steadier, and more powerful when tattooing. Quick and accurate activation and voltage adjustments are possible with this unit. With a smooth power output from the Dragonhawk power box, you can be consistent with your tattooing.

Because the kit includes many tattoo supplies and accessories, the customers can start tattooing from the first step. This kit is designed for beginners and includes a whooping 9 tattoo machines, a tattoo power box, tattoo inks, tattoo needles, tattoo foot pedal, tattoo grips and so on.

Dragonhawk assures its customers of the quality of their products. Each of their brand tattoo machines was checked, tested and adjusted by their artists before they are shipped out to the many avid customers.


Beoncall Complete Tattoo Kit

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With a strong and stable performance, this tattoo kit has all the supplies needed to start tattooing as soon as possible. The tattoo machine itself is made of durable cast iron and has 10 wrap coils. Each of the coil machines works as a liner and as a shader. Both can also fit different kinds of grips and needles. Because the machines are lightweight and small, they are quite portable and easy to operate. Little vibration allows for a comfortable feel while using it.

Made of superior composite material, the spring is highly elastic and fatigue-resistant to ensure prolonged use. Each tattooing needle is individually packaged in a sterile blister pack for hygiene. They are also made from medical-grade stainless steel.

Apart from the liner and shader coil machines, 1 tattoo power supply with foot pedal and clips cord, 20 tattoo needles, and 20 tattoo tips are included. Aside from those, 2 aluminium tattoo grips, 2 disposable tattoo grips, 4 tattoo inks, 1 tattoo practice skin, and an incredible number of 85 accessories (grommets, O-rings, rubber bands etc) are also included. Now tell us this isn’t a good deal!


HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

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From another well-known and trusted tattoo supplies brand, the Hawink kit features two coil machines. One is to be used for lining and while the other for shading. The liner runs faster to create fine and precise line work. Because of its higher power, it can penetrate deep into the skin. The shader is slower yet also produces enough power to add good and detailed shadows. Your tattoo is guaranteed to last longer and stand out if you use the HAWINK machines.

The HAWINK complete professional tattoo kit is a good choice for beginners as it includes all the necessary tools to start tattooing as soon as you want to. This starter tattoo kit includes two tattoo coil machines, tattoo ink, tattoo needles, and a power supply. A clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, tips, grommets, o-rings, and rubber bands are also some accessories that are included to make your tattooing as convenient as possible.

HAWINK guarantees free replacement service for all our products within its warranty period. Additionally, you can avail of the professional Online Guide for how to set up the tattoo kit. You can even learn from free tattoo teaching videos and take inspiration from numerous tattoo designs.


ITATOO Complete Tattoo Kit

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This ITATOO kit is beginner friendly. It is a complete set to allow you to start tattooing as soon as possible. Because the structure of the tattoo machine is quite complicated, it is not recommended to assemble and disassemble by yourself. Apart from the machine itself, purchase of the kit includes EO sterilized tattoo needles, tips and more accessories to get you started.

The machine uses the latest technology so you can adjust the voltage from 5.5V to 8V to fit your lining or shading requirement. Unlike other tattoo machines, you can do both lines and shading with this single tattoo gun. It can also fit all kinds of grips and needles. It is pretty lightweight and features low vibration. With a highly durable frame made of iron, it also looks as good as it works.

As a brand, ITATOO is focused on innovating all the time to keep their products up to date with trends. With them, you are assured that you are using safe, convenient, and reliable tattoo products. If the tattoo kit does not work to your liking, the company guarantees free replacement service for all of their products during the warranty period.


New Star Tattoo Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine Shader & Liner

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As a rotary machine, this tattoo gun is perfect for both lining and shading because of its different light and monitor setting. It is recommended to operate in the 6V to 9V voltage range and above 1.5A. After an hour of usage, it is best to rest the gun so you prolong its life.

Designed for use with standard needles, tubes, grips, and power supplies, the machine is small and silent. It is also easy to operate because it is lightweight and powerful. Additionally, it is low in vibration and heating. Because of its excellent stability, it is perfect for all kinds of tattoo works. It is designed for use with standard needles, tubes, grips, and power supplies so you won’t need to buy special ones. Made of aluminum alloy with a motor machine, the New Star tattoo machine looks good with a vibrant green color.


Buying Guide

Coil vs Rotary Machines

There are basically two types of tattoo machines – coil and rotary. While they both achieve the same goal of implanting pigment into the skin, the way they work is completely different.

Coil tattoo machines work by using power to turn their internal coils into an electromagnet. They drive the needle more forcefully into the skin. As such, they are useful for the larger needle groupings perfect for shading. Coil machines also give artists more control and work extremely well for intricate line work. However, they require a higher skill level to operate and are therefore more suited to experienced tattoo artists.

Rotary tattoo machines, on the other hand, operate in a much simpler way. Tattoos produced by rotary machines tend to heal faster because their action is gentler on the skin. The way they work, a needle bar is attached to a nub which sits on top of a cylindrical motor. This motor spins therefore allowing the needle to move up and down. The needle enters the skin in a smooth fluid motion. Rotary machines are relatively easier to use, making them popular to newbie artists. They are generally easier to maintain, too. Because they have a less punchy motion, rotary machines are not suitable for large needle groupings. Precise lines and beautiful shading are quite difficult to achieve with them.


There are a wide variety of tattoo guns for almost every price range. Expensive ones are durable and have exciting features. Inexpensive ones are often made of low quality. Buying a kit might be a cost-effective option, but buying piece by piece will allow you to specify the tattoo machines and other accessories according to your exact requirements. It is important to strike a balance by researching your purchase well.


It is important to consider the material a tattoo gun is made of. Since you’re going to spend most of the time using it, it should be comfortable to hold. Poor quality tools are prone to overheating especially when they are extensively used. Aluminum frames dissipate heat quickly and are more lightweight especially compared to its steel counterparts. However, the latter is more durable and reliable.


It is important to consider a machine’s weight and balance when buying a tattoo gun as you will be working with it for long periods of time. A good tattoo machine serves as an extension of the artist’s body. The more comfortable he is with the tool in his hand, the better he can work. In turn, this means that his artwork will turn out extremely well too.


Versatility is an extremely important characteristic for tattoo equipment geared towards beginners. For someone just getting the hang of tattooing, a flexible machine that can perform a broader set of functionalities would work better than a specialized one. Rotary machines allow both shading and line work. If you are a pro, getting a different machine for each part of a design can yield better results most of the time. Although this can be a more expensive way to go about your work, the resulting impressive work often speaks for itself.


Coil machines generate a buzzing sound due to the electromagnetic switching of coils. This can be quite intimidating to clients who are getting tattooed for the first time. We’ve seen discomfort all too well in many customers, causing them to twitch their bodies and potentially cause skin damage. Rotary machines produce less noise, which in turn give the impression that tattooing might not be so painful after all.


Is getting a tattoo painful?

Getting a tattoo is generally painful because it involves repeatedly piercing through your skin’s top layer with a sharp needle to impinge pigment and achieve the desired design. However, different people may experience different levels of pain. Just note that there are parts of the body which will be more painful to be tattooed. These are areas with the least fat and the most nerve endings.

How do I choose tattoo tattoo ink?

Just as much as the tattoo machine, your choice of ink matters. Selecting a high-quality ink will result in crisp tattoos that won’t fade easily. Black tattoo inks also generally last longer than colored ones. As with everything, make sure to only buy from respected brands (Kuro Sumi, Intenze, and Bloodline to name a few), which often disclose their ingredients and adhere to strict US safety regulations. Watch out for fakes as they are rampant in the market.

Should I buy tattoo equipment piece by piece or as a kit?

Tattoo kits have paved the way for the accessibility of tattooing to newbies and casual tattoo artists. They already provide everything one might need in order to start tattooing, from the tattoo machine, power source, and needles to the ink. Tattoo kits are a cost-effective way to be introduced into the art of tattooing. Collecting tattoo equipment piece by piece may be the more expensive option, however, this offers you the flexibility to select every single item to your desired specifications and quality.

Should I get a rotary tattoo machine or a coil machine?

The simple answer is – it depends. If you prefer a machine that has a low noise output, lighter weight and requires lower maintenance, rotary guns are the way to go. They are also considered more versatile since they can be used for both shading and lining. Some people also believe that they are less painful, but this may just be a psychological effect created by their much quieter operation. However, the coil gun is often preferred by professionals because it can pull exceptionally clean lines with relative ease. It must be noted that those deploying the coil gun generally have at least two machines – one dedicated for shading and one used for line work.

Why does my tattoo machine stop working?

If between sessions your tattoo machine keeps dying out, it might be due to oxidation in the point of contact. You should therefore clean your prongs with sandpaper. Otherwise, it could be due to improper connection so always check your supply reading.


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