Religious Tattoos For Men

6 of the Most Iconic Religious Tattoos for Men: Christian Tattoos

From the Crusades to the modern-day, Christians have been getting religious body art for centuries. In fact, despite a Biblical passage that seems to forbid tattoos, Christians are getting more tattoos for men than ever before. Want to represent your faith and pay homage to the Almighty in ink? Be inspired by our list of …

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Best Tattoo Needles

Best Tattoo Needles

Every tattoo artist knows that investing in quality tattoo needles is essential to keep your game at the top. Needles are an important part of your day to day operations. They are the ones you should always be stocking up for because of their high consumable rate. You will not be able to produce high-quality …

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Best Tattoo Artist Gloves

Best Tattoo Artist Gloves

A professional tattoo artist always wears medical grade or high-quality gloves. Gloves are important because they provide a barrier between you and your client so your designs are applied safely and hygienically. In this list, we will be reviewing 10 of the best gloves every tattoo artist and hobbyist should use for their day to …

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Coil Tattoo Machine

Best Coil Tattoo Machines

If you’re a traditional tattoo artist or a beginner wanting to try your hand in the world of tattooing, chances are you’ve handled a coil tattoo machine before. Coil tattoo machines are the most dependable types of devices in a tattoo studio. If you want to create the most intricate designs that your clients will …

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Best Tattoo Guns

Best Tattoo Guns

Whether you are looking to break into the tattoo industry or you are already an established tattoo artist keen to add more equipment into your arsenal, this article will help you pick out from the seven tattoo guns that come highly recommended. Tattoos are becoming more popular these days. Many are now starting to see …

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