Things to Know About the Oni Mask Tattoo: Japanese Tattoos Meanings

Updated December 2019

The art of tattooing is quite crucial for several communities. Japan has a tradition of mythology and folklore with great significance. The art especially inspired people from all around the world to make tattoos on their body. Japanese oni mask tattoo is also a popular culture among people. They get it tattooed on different body parts due to its significance. So, let us know a little more about the symbolism about these tattoos.


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What is an oni mask?

Oni mask is the face mask of a supernatural ogre or troll that you may find in the Japanese folklore. Oni generally has one or two horns. The ogre also carries an iron club in their hands, and they are in tiger skin loincloth. Their central depiction is in the form of villains in fairy tales. So, people try to keep them away from their house during the Setsubun festival. In modern times, the ones may also act as a symbol of protection from evil spirits. So, the one mask meaning may stand for protection or symbolize the realm of unknown.

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What type of Oni mask tattoos that one may get?

As we said, the Oni mask tattoos are quite famous among people who love their inks. People get tattoos according to their preference and meanings. They often club several Japanese folklore items to make a total piece. Getting an oni mask piece is not only exciting, but it also gives a lot of versatility.

So, here are some ways through which one may adorn their bodies with one mask tattoos

• Oni mask tattoos have a specialty to them, capturing the vivid hues of blue or red traditionally used to depict these fearsome demons. This ensures that the tattoo will stand out with its vibrant colors. Moreover, these tattoos showcase their full beauty when given ample space, such as on the chest or the back, allowing each intricate detail to be appreciated fully. It’s here that the skills of a tattoo artist, much like the precision required in services such as Rohrreinigung Münster for maintaining clarity and functionality in complex systems, come into play. Artists must give particular attention to the expressions of the Oni mask, where the fierceness of the teeth and the imposing nature of the horns demand meticulous care to bring out the mask’s intimidating essence.
• Another Oni mask idea is to club it with a Japanese dragon tattoo. Both the characters are from the folklore so they will go well together. Artists may use elements like fire and water to heighten the depth. Flowers go well with the piece as well.


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Sleeve tattoos depicting Oni masks look good as well. It needs to be as colorful as possible.

On top of that, one should utilize the whole space to include all the aspects of an Oni.
• Black and white tattoos of Oni masks look good if the artist uses enough shadow work. The line tattoos that are in trend now will also work well. The location choosing needs to be right to get the perfect tattoo.

So, we are now aware of the fact that Oni Mask tattoos do look good and they have the deep meaning as the Dragon ones. If you want to do such a symbol, do proper research before going into it. Moreover, think about your personality before doing such a tattoo. Japanese folklore will get more popular, and these tattoos will take a massive position in the market.

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Photo gallery with Oni Mask Tattoos

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