3 Things To Consider Before You Start Looking For A Tattoo Artist

It is apparent that you will have to look for tattoo and body piercing shops if you have just decided to get a tattoo or a piercing. The good thing is that these shops offer two services at the same place. However, there are three things to consider first. They are just essential to get a perfect tattoo, the one you have ever wanted.

tattoo and body piercing shops
tattoo and body piercing shops

Visibility of a tattoo

The first thing to consider is the visibility of a symbol. If you want everyone to see it, they go for arms and legs. The tattoos on these body parts are the most popular only because they can be seen the entire year and there are countless options when it comes to the design of one.

But what if you don’t want your new tattoo to be seen all the time? Then you should consider tattooing lower back, shoulders and stomach. They are also great locations to place a symbol if you want it to be seen only during the summer or you want to hide it from certain people. An interesting fact is that teenagers prefer tattooing these body parts just because they can easily conceal a tattoo.

tattoo pain map
tattoo pain map

Sensitivity or pain factor

For some of you, this will be the first principal factor to consider when deciding about a new tattoo, have a look on Japanese Dragon and you will understund the meaning. But, all of you already know that pain is mandatory when getting a tattoo, so this is a second factor to consider.

If you are new to this, you will want to know that different body parts have a different number of pain receptors. In other words, it merely means that the same tattoo, on two different body areas will cause different levels of pain.

Stomach, neck, and waist area are the most painful to tattoo. We are referring to ordinary places where you can get a tattoo. If you want something extraordinary, then you should know that tattooing eyeballs, eyelids and genitals cause the most pain.  There was one case where a person tattooed his eyeballs. He cried ink for two days. Only the best tattoo and body piercing shops will offer this kind of service.

scorpion tattoo
scorpion tattoo

Discretion or the meaning of a tattoo

This factor may be linked to the first one, but it is a mistake. It merely stands for what your new tattoo will mean. If you work with kids, tattooing daemons or Oni Mask on your hands may be an issue. That’s why you must consider the meaning of the tattoo and shape of it before you get one.

Don’t forget that discretion goes in both ways. The first one is that you can hide your tattoo by placing it on the stomach, lower back or chest. If the preference isn’t an issue, then this factor is irrelevant to you.


After you have thought about all of these three factors, you are finally ready to find tattoo and body piercing shops and get a tattoo you always wanted.

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