Explaining The Process Of Tattooing In Plain Words

If you have searched for how to do tattoos work you have discovered millions of explanations. But, some of them are written by people who don’t have a single tattoo, which is a big problem. We will explain the entire process after getting a few tattoos so that we will transfer the most accurate experience to all of you.

tattoo sketch
tattoo sketch

Choosing the tattoo and creating a sketch

The first process here is to select a design of a symbol you will like to get. There is no need in telling you that it can be anything and can be tattooed on more than 90% body areas. Pay close attention to the size of a tattoo. Most likely you will see a photo of it, which is difficult to translate into an actual tattoo on your skin.

After you have chosen the design, you will go to the tattoo artist, and you two will create a sketch. It is an important thing to do, and it is the one that makes a massive difference. Make sure that the plan will be precise as you wanted.

tattoo artist
tattoo artist

Transferring the sketch to your skin

A tattoo artist will shave an area of your skin (if there is a need), apply a crème and then move a drawing using special paper and a pen. This doesn’t hurt, and it takes just a few seconds. Make sure to pay attention to how the tattoo looks. It is the most accurate preview of the symbol before it becomes permanent.

Tattooing the lines and shading and how to do tattoos work

You will notice that each explanation of how do tattoos work starts with this step. It is a mistake knowing that there are two steps before it. A tattoo artist will begin tattooing the outer lines of a tattoo. If a tattoo is small and simple, this will take 10 minutes. We won’t tell you that adding a new needle to the tattooing machine is mandatory, due to the fact all tattoo artists must use new needles, according to the law.

The next part is shading. You will notice that a tattoo artist uses different needles. They cover a much bigger area when used, so they make shading quicker. This is almost the same step in which a tattoo artist will fill the blanks and specific parts of the tattoo with ink.

tattoo aftercare
tattoo aftercare

Taking care about the tattoo

The last step is to take care of the tattoo. Your tattoo artist will tell you which crème to use (we won’t reveal because there are so many options). You will have to apply it to the tattoo a couple of times per day. It is used to prevent the symbol from fading. During the first 15 days, do not expose tattoo to the sunlight. It will be painful. The tattoo will eliminate the excess of ink during this time, and you will end up with a perfect symbol.

how do tattoos work
how do tattoos work


Now you know how do tattoos work and you don’t have to be scared. It is a simple process that requires some effort, a little of time and you get something that will be with you for the rest of your life.

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