How to make the cover for tattooing with makeup

Tattoos are a fascinating art form and one of the most popular ways of expressing individuality today. As beautiful as they are, the problem is that they are also inappropriate in certain circumstances. Because you can’t easily remove them from your skin (and most certainly do not want to, since you chose to do them), you will be glad to hear that you only need a few simple make-up products for cover tattoos when you want to hide them from your eyes.

Discover The Simplest Technique To Cover Tattoos With Make-up Products!

Coating tattoos with make-up

Anyone who has tattoos will, at one point, face a situation where they will not be able to display them, whether it is a special event or a job interview. Fortunately, there is a compromise solution that allows you to get rid of the “clean fairy tale” without having to resort to permanent tattoo removal, a painful and costly procedure.

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Here’s what you need to do to cover your tattoo, step by step:

  1. If the tattoo is in an area that you can shave with the blade, it is advisable to do so. Any hair is visible when you cover it with make-up, and you don’t want that part to stand out in any way.
  2. After shaving the area, give yourself a moisturizing cream, lotion, or primer of quality, just like when you are going to provide yourself with a foundation. A moisturized skin will better absorb the make-up layer and keep it intact for several hours.
  3. Take a make-up brush and give yourself a very thin layer of foundation over the tattoo, taking care to spread it all over its surface. The purpose of this layer is not to cover the entire tattoo, but to uniform, the hue of the area, so do not get impatient if it is transparent.
  4. Depending on the skin tone (cold or hot), you will need to use different products to cover the tattoo. If you have a skin with warm undertones, you will use an eye shadow or an orange lipstick for that area, and if you have a light pink shade, you will use pink products. Apply the balm to the entire surface of the tattoo, by buffing, then spray fixative over the tattoo, in a thin layer. Allow it to dry completely.
  5. Apply a coat of lipstick or lipstick and give the area once again with a fixative. After drying, apply a little concealer over the blush, using a sponge for make-up, by tamping, not by rubbing. Apply a new layer of fixative, let it dry, then apply the concealer directly over the tattoo and massage the edge with your fingers, to create a blending effect, so that the make-up area is as subtle as possible. Spread the last layer of concealer over the tattoo, then use a powder of a color similar to that of the skin. If the tattoo is over an area that comes into contact with the clothes, it ends with a layer of fixative.

If that all seems like too much trouble, or you do not have the right make-up at home, you may want to use one of the best tattoo concealer products available. They are often easier to use, better at doing the job, and also less expensive than some make-up that you will find. You will also need to use them less, as it is not all that often that you need to cover tattoos. So, I highly suggest getting some.

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