Hidden Meanings Behind Butterfly Tattoos and Why You Should Get One

If we take a look at the pictures of butterfly tattoos, we can see that there are a lot of variations. This is just because different tattoos of butterflies have various, additional elements and each has a different meaning. In the content below, we will reveal the hidden meanings behind butterfly tattoos. The chances are high that you will want one after that.


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Coloured butterflies

The first and therefore the most common type of butterfly tattoos are coloured ones. There are a few versions of them, and each one has a different meaning. For example, a blue butterfly is a symbol of good luck. It is common among girls and the most usual places for this tattoo are wrist, shoulder, and leg.

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A white butterfly tattoo is entirely different. It is based on Christianity, and it symbols two things. The first one is salvation, while the other one is purity. Once again we can see that butterfly tattoos are more common among women.

A yellow butterfly tattoo is common in the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Ireland. There, it symbols peace of soul, and it is a common belief that a soul is in harmony when this symbol is used.

yellow butterfly tattoo

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Colored butterflies tattoo
Coloured butterflies tattoo

Country-based butterfly tattoos

An interesting fact is that some of the pictures of butterfly tattoos are based on the country. As such, we have a Japanese butterfly tattoo. Here it stands for anniversary and marriage. It symbols a union between two people.

A Celtic butterfly tattoo is entirely different. These tattoos are common in Ireland, and it is believed that they stand for transformation and afterlife. Without any doubt, they are unique and quite appealing to both genders.

The last, but not least common type of butterfly tattoo is Monarch butterfly. It is frequent in Mexico, and it stands for the soul. The symbol also stands for the soul of people who will come back on Earth at specific dates. You can see the difference between this and other types of butterfly tattoos and all we can add is that each one is appealing to the particular kind of people.

black butterfly tattoo butterfly tattoo for women red butterfly tattoo both hands butterfly tattoos butterfly tattoo design grey butterfly tattoo

Country-based butterfly tattoos
Country-based butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are common among men as well

One of the belief when it comes to butterfly tattoos is that they are common among women only. In reality, some men have these tattoos as well even if they like more something bigger like a sleeve one. It is known that a famous boxer from the United Kingdom has a small butterfly tattoo, so it has weird meaning!

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Nevertheless, men prefer other types of butterfly tattoos. For example, a butterfly and a skull are the most common. It symbolises life and rebirth. Men also like a butterfly and rose. It is a symbol of love that was popular in ancient Greece. The butterfly stands for the psyche, which was the best of love back there.

butterfly tattoo colored butterflies tattoos on leg butterfly and flowers tattoo realistic butterfly tattoo idea

butterfly tattoo for men
butterfly tattoo for men


Regardless of the fact are you a boy or a girl, if you take a look at pictures of butterfly tattoos, you will find at least ten that are appealing for you. The meaning is powerful and versatile, so you will have an exciting symbol that says something about your personality and your life.

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