Why people get Pokemon tattoos on their body?

Pokemon tattoos as an artist took over the world in the last decade. Almost everyone wants to have a symbol to commemorate something of their life. This may come from their childhood or even their adulthood. However, it is essential to make something that will remain relevant for your whole life. Tattoos based on anime and cartoon aren’t something hard to spot. You will see people getting their dream tattoo and often it relates to a memory of their past. So, today we will talk about a TV show and video game series that got famous around the world

pokemon tattoos
pokemon tattoos

About Pokémon

Pokémon is a sensation that went through the world in the 90’s. Pokemon stands for ‘pocket monsters’ which were the characters in the video game as well as the Anime. It started as a video game series released for the Game Boy. After the initial release and popularity, the franchise rolled out everything from books to a popular TV series. The main idea of the show is that there is a Pokémon trainer who catches them. Then the trainer will compete in matches to win badges. Generations of the game and anime came out and recently there was the Pokémon Go sensation. Some people who grew up with the show got inspired to make Pokémon tattoo.

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About Pokémon Tattoo

Pokémon is a versatile subject because of its enormous size. A person has an endless choice of characters and themes to make a tattoo. Here are some of the standard Pokémon tattoos that you may see on people:

  • The duo of Ash and Pikachu is a fan favorite of many. The bright yellow color of Pikachu looks perfect on the skin. On top of that, they are also the protagonists of both the show and the video games. One may get a small tattoo or choose to represent it in a considerable amount of area.
  • Pokémons are always a great choice when it comes to tattoos. Every Pokémon represents a different thing as they have their powers and elements. Charmander, Pikachu, and Bulbasore are quite common. But people may also choose some unique ones or even the Team Rocket.
  • People may also make Pokémon tattoos based on the season of video game or anime that they loved. Many people like the team of Brock, Misty, and So, a whole piece including all of them and their Pokémon will appear high.
  • Pokeballs play an essential role in catching the Pokémon. So, many people tattoo their body with Pokeballs, especially the special ones.

Pokémon Tattoo Meaning

Pokémon is a huge part of the childhood of people who are now in their adulthood. For them, the tattoo may stand for the joy of their childhood days. But the meaning of the symbols Pokémons will alter between the elements and also the personality. The number of choices wouldn’t cease to exist as the Oni Mask. So, people can quickly try to make the Pokémon tattoo that connects well with their mind and themselves. The colorful and expressive nature of the tattoos helps people to stand apart from the crowd.

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Pokemon tattoo photo gallery ideas

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