Film-inspired tattoos

Film-inspired tattoos have always been fashionable, with an emotional impact on the one they wear. In this category we will explain the meanings and ideas of our tattoos that we consider to be trending for you.

Tattoo within a tattoo pin up girl

Best 100 Ideas for Pin Up Girl Tattoo

Tattoos have long been a part of pop culture. From being a significant testament to one’s personality to a style statement, the art has come a long way. However, one of the things that have stayed constant is the fact that every tattoo speaks about the user’s psyche and ideologies. The pin-up girl tattoo is …

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Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo Designs: A History Of War And Honor

Samurai were the warrior class of feudal Japan, known in the popular imagination for their great type of sword – the katana – as well as their natural armor and system of ideas. Samurai lived within a code of conduct called Bushido, which outlined ways in which honorable warriors should live (and, for that matter, …

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Cartoon Octopus tattoo design

Top 5 Octopus Tattoo Ideas

Cute? Scary? Artsy? The octopus can do it all! Octopi ideas are loved by lots of different people because there’s so much you can do with them. Some like the imposing and threatening depictions, while others want more endearing portrayals. Whatever the case, I put together 5 of the best octopus tattoo ideas, so if …

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