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Mjolnir tattoo and Marvel movies tend always to have that one person people have a love-hate relationship with. For the most part, Thor is one of them. Do you agree? With the ideologies, it is quite often for good or even sometimes, for the worse. People who will defend and love Thor through anything are well aware of what he is thinking and doing. Loki and Thor often do makeup quite a pair, but the other thing that stands out is the weapon.

Mjolnir is one of must-have elements in the movies that no one can ever miss out on. Star Wars and Marvel enthusiasts know very well what Mjolnir signifies. So, getting Mjolnir tattoos is not something uncommon or something to be frowned upon. These tattoos, for the most part, are inspired by the deadly weapon owned by none other than Thor himself which can be found also in new Avengers.
The fantastic hammer that’s owned by the Norse thunder god Thor. And, if you love Thor, you will love these small ideas in here.

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About Mjolnir tattoos

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The Mjolnir was initially crafted and developed by the dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokkr Mjolnir. This is not better known as the hammer of Thor. It is characterized by its significantly short handle which happened because of a mishap during construction. But, that doesn’t necessarily stop it from portraying power and authority.
The standard image of Mjolnir that we see today comes from the current picturization of Thor. Believed to possess the power to level mountains, Mjolnir is something every Thor fanatic needs to have. Even if you can’t have the hammer itself, a tattoo is just the next best option.

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The Mjolnir tattoos are either the depiction of the traditional Viking image or something out of the comic book. Whatever the result be, you will end up with something that emanates power and authority.

About Mjolnir tattoo on sleeve, chest, and lighting


This is possibly one of the most common variants of the rendition of Mjolnir tattoo. Etched along the entirety of the arm, this can seem very intimidating but amazing at the same time. Get some Viking related designs around the hammer, and that should complete the tattoo.

On the CHEST

This might sound painful and a bit intimidating but the design is in the go right now. A colored version of the Mjolnir across the abdominal area, just around the abs area is a fantastic rendition. Get a mixture of the natural black and some colored stencils on the handle of the hammer.

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Adding some lightning around the Mjolnir is quite in trend right now. It not just accentuates the look of the entire tattoo but makes it look better too. The lightning brings out the Mjolnir to look a lot more real on the skin.
Getting a Mjolnir tattoo is not a big deal but getting a good one is. Tattoos are permanent, and you want something that’s different and amazing at the same time.

Gallery of Mjolnir tattoo ideas

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