Choosing a Superman Tattoo

A Superman tattoo can make a bold statement about who you are. Most people get a tattoo to make a statement about who they are or how they view themselves. There are many options if you decide that you do want a Superman tattoo inked on you for life, so it would be a wise idea to look at as many of them as possible.

You could go with a full picture of the man of steel, an image of him with some background like a building being jumped over or just the big S that is on the front of his outfit.

The S is the most popular tattoo design, and it can be seen on many sports heroes and bodybuilders, so if you want something original you might want to think about a Superman tattoo that shows his whole body or maybe a bust showing from the S up.

Superman tattoo
Superman tattoo

One of the first things you will want to think about is where you want to get your superman tattoo.

The kind of symbol you want can often determine where you get it. For example, there is no way that you could get a full body image with background onto the top of your foot, but you could get it across your back. Also if you want a simple S, you wouldn’t want it to cover more area than the real one does on Superman.

If you want the S for your Superman tattoo, you can make it bigger or smaller to fit any part of your body.

superman tattoo on hand
superman tattoo on hand

Another aspect that you can change to make your Superman tattoo more original is the color.

Since the traditional S is just red and yellow, you could quickly change the colors to fit your personality or the meaning that you want to convey. The S looks good in black and white, or you can get creative with something like a green and orange. Females can even change it a little too pink and yellow to make it more feminine. With sizes, colors and different designs, your superman tattoo can be as original as your imagination.

Superman tattoo on back
Superman tattoo on back

Keep in mind that a tattoo is forever and that it is a good idea to wait a few months between the time you decide what you want and when you get it inked. You might want to look at a few different artists and see if any of them have done a Superman tattoo before.

If you are getting a permanent mark of any kind on your body, you want it to be of high quality so don’t be afraid to turn down an artist that looks like they have subpar work. You will thank yourself later when you have an incredible Superman tattoo to show off to all of your friends.


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