Find the Perfect Japanese Dragon Tattoo for You

There are a lot of Japanese tattoo designs available, and one of the most common models is the Japanese dragon. It is considered a classic when it comes to tattoo designs. This dragon is usually drawn as a wingless, snake-like creature with a lot of scales and small-clawed legs. Its head has horns, and it is most often associated with the heavens or the clouds.

The Japanese dragon is more slender and rarely flies than the Chinese dragon.

The Japanese dragon can change its breath into clouds which may produce rain or fire. Its ability to expand and contract its body is potent, and so is, its power of transformation and invisibility. These descriptions are the more common ones, but Japanese dragons have a lot of characteristics that are very distinct from the animals of the animal kingdom.
Japanese dragons also differ from their Chinese counterparts is that the former has three claws and that the latter has five.

3d japonesse dragon tattoo
3d japonesse dragon tattoo

There are so many tattoo designs of Japanese dragons in any tattoo shop nowadays.

Galleries of Japanese dragon tattoo designs showcase a lot of drawings where you can find what you want a full back design or a half sleeve design. They also vary in color, and you may choose whatever color you like. Japanese dragons may also appear with white clouds, pearls, sea waves. A gem represents a very expensive treasure-wisdom. It is also a unique form of self-expression as it reflects a lot of human personalities and emotions-strength, wisdom, love, and others.

japanesse dragon tattoo
japanesse dragon tattoo

Japanese dragon tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body, but the most common is the half sleeve, where the shape of the dragon wraps around the upper arm, and its head goes out to the chest above the heart. It can be wrapped around a body part where it flatters your contours. It may also be tattooed around the legs.

Japanese dragon tattoos make their owners proud in one way or another.

To find the perfect Japanese tattoo for you, you may choose from thousands of beautiful designs at your local tattoo shop or in tattoo websites online. You may also ask your tattoo artist but be sure that he is experienced and skilled enough in Japanese dragon tattoos. Otherwise, he or she will not be able to help you. Find a Japanese dragon tattoo that will truly express your personality and who you indeed are.


Source of images: Pinterest.com

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