How to design your first Japanese Dragon Tattoo?

Japanese Dragon Tattoo mythology has always been a significant influence on people. Art and culture take heavily from the myths that came several years ago. Japan has a place for mythology where they accept many entities. Tattoos were once used as protections or as a core symbol for one’s life. Right now, tattoos have taken the place of depicting one’s love for culture or specific meaning. The Japanese Koi fish tattoo or the Japanese dragon tattoo aren’t exceptions. Many people get them done on a daily basis without even knowing their meaning. But these mythical beasts have a crucial role in Japanese mythology and may connote different things.

What depictions may a Japanese Dragon tattoo have?

Japanese Dragon Tattoo
Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese dragons appear mighty like all other forms of dragons. They have a serpent-like a body, and they take heavily from the Chinese dragons. Rather than fire beings, Japanese dragons represent the realm of water. Which relates to them being wingless and having a snake-like an appearance. Temples and shrines around them are also there in Japan. The dragons are also tied to many stories related to the water bodies that they guard.

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The typical Japanese dragon tattoo meaning may be
• Strength, Wealth and Ferocity.
• The Element of Water
• Wisdom
• Luck
• Sexual Passion

Common Japanese Dragon Tattoo designs

Japanese Dragon tattoos are quite popular in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. In Japan, the trendsetter was the prisoners, but now everyone does it all over the world.

Commonly the tattoos are in designs of

Japanese Dragon Tattoo sleeve
Japanese Dragon Tattoo sleeve

• Simple line tattoos on a skin stand out a lot when an artist draws it well. They do not require any shading or other work. Most of these tattoos are very intricate going in depths to bring the shape. The artist often takes the help of one’s natural curves to sculpt the twisted look. They especially look great when done on legs or arms.

• Japanese dragon tattoos done with black ink looks excellent as well. Shading is the crucial point to bring in the depth and contours. Utilizing a sleeve and one’s chest is a lovely idea. Another excellent body part has to be one’s back. The surface area gives the opportunity to create a whole picture. They may add elements of the environment of the dragon to the piece.

• The favorite of people in Japanese tattoo is the use of color. So, we cannot miss out on Japanese dragon pieces that include colored ink. Everything from red to blue looks great on the mighty animal. The color also adds another dimension which makes the tattoo pop and makes it lively. A full arm sleeve is a way to go when doing such a tattoo.

The crucial part will be to choose the Japanese dragon that goes well with the meaning. The internet will be your friend. Check out the tattoo websites that list the implications, and you may choose accordingly. Moreover, try to add your personality into the tattoo to make it a unique piece.

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Gallery with Japanese Dragon Tattoo ideas

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