Japanese Geisha and Dragon Tattoo Designs Ideas

Geisha tattoos fascinate so many people, and so do dragon tattoos. So, if you love the geisha girl culture and dragons, why not create a dragon tattoo with a Japanese geisha?

Here is some information and some ideas for geisha tattoo designs with dragons:
How does a Japanese geisha girl look? When creating a geisha tattoo, make sure you have a plan that is authentic. You want people to look at your tattoo and know that it is a geisha.

This is how your geisha girl tattoo should look:

1) Japanese geisha wear kimonos that are bright and flowery. They love to mix up designs and colors that most people would never put together.

japanese geisha tattoo
japanese geisha tattoo

2) The kimono is tied with an obi, which is generally of a color opposite of the kimono.

3) Your geisha girl’s hair should be up and filled with pretty hair ornaments. The makeup on her face should be white, and her lips dark red. On the back of her neck, the composition should create an excellent W shape.

4) Japanese geisha are masters of the arts such as dance, music, and service. Your geisha tattoo could have the geisha girl holding an open fan, serving tea, or playing the shamisen.

geisha tattoo sleeve
geisha tattoo sleeve

Creating a Japanese dragon tattoo.

Japanese dragons, called Tatsu, are different from the flame spitting giant lizards we love. When creating an authentic dragon tattoo design based on Japanese culture, here is how your dragon should look:

1) Japanese dragons are long and snake-like. Their bodies will move like a snake and wrap around objects like rocks or trees.

2) They are wingless, but that does not mean they can’t fly.

Japanese dragon tattoo
Japanese dragon tattoo

3) Japanese dragons have feet with three claws. If you have a dragon with five claws, it is a Chinese dragon. Be careful with this.

Combining the geisha girl tattoo and the dragon tattoo.

Instead of making a tattoo with a Japanese geisha and a dragon separately, connect them to create one fascinating tattoo. Here are some tattoo design ideas from Japanese lore:

1) A simple geisha tattoo design idea of the geisha girl, with her fan, and a Japanese dragon wrapped around her. This is just combining the two descriptions mentioned earlier, but it is a great tattoo idea.

geisha dragon tattoo
geisha dragon tattoo

2) Kiyohime was a girl who worked in a tea house. She fell in love with a Buddhist prince who didn’t want anything to do with her. In retaliation, Kiyohime learned magic and turned herself into a dragon. Like the dragon, she killed the Buddhist prince.

An excellent dragon tattoo and includes a Japanese geisha would be of this story. Create a tattoo design of a geisha turning into a dragon. The head and upper body could be the geisha girl, and she could have the tail and back claws of a dragon.

3) Yofune-Nushi was a dragon that craved female human flesh. Maiden sacrifices were made this dragon to keep him from killing everyone. Create a dragon tattoo design that is evil and scary and make the geisha girl the sacrifice.

4) Japanese dragons are often water deities. There is the river dragon, or they are associated with the rain. Create a geisha tattoo of the Japanese geisha holding a parasol over her head. It could be raining, and the dragon could be the rain cloud above her. Or, another geisha tattoo would be to place the geisha girl in a river, and the dragon within the water at her feet.



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