Dragon Ball Z Tattoos the ultimate manga/Anime

Dragon Ball tattoos are one of the most famous media franchise hailing from Japan. The creator of this particular media franchise is a guy named Akira Toriyama. However, the critical thing to remember out here would be that Dragon Ball is initially a manga (Japanese comic) which is illustrated and written by the same person in the year 1984.

The history of Dragon Ball tattoos

This manga became so famous over the years that the creators had to come up with the anime as well. The main protagonist of this manga is a guy who goes by the name of Goku. He is a warrior who belongs to this race of people called the Saiyans.

The whole story of Dragon Ball revolves around this character and his friends who are in search of these seven magic balls called the Dragon Balls which has the power to grant any wish. If all seven balls are collected the eternal dragon named as Shenron can be summoned who can grant any wish that the user wants.

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Dragon Ball tattoo on leg
Dragon Ball tattoo on leg

The whole story is the journey of Son Goku from his childhood years to his adult years. He along with his friends is going to be facing loads of enemies and villains along the way. The main villain of the whole series is a guy named King Piccolo who belongs from the race called Namekians.

The manga has been adapted and also divided into two different anime productions. This animation company called Toei Animation produces both. The second famous animation that is known to stem after Dragon Ball becoming such a hit show is called Dragon Ball Z.

There are also a total of around 19 animated films based on the same. There are also two other anime sequels which came out namely Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

About Dragon Ball Tattoos:

Dragon Ball has become such a famous and popular manga and anime amongst fans that people have started inking their body parts with Dragon Ball Tattoo. There are various symbols from the manga and the anime which people can relate too.

The main character ‘Goku’ has this symbol behind his training clothes which spells out ‘hope.’ Similarly, there are other characters as well who have different symbols on their clothes which mean something powerful and meaningful. The fans not only ink such symbols by relating their lives to the manga/ anime but they also make sure to ink their favorite characters from the series.

Dragon Ball Tattoo meaning

dragon ball z tattoo ideas

As already stated above the tattoos do have different meanings as Deadpool 2 tattoos from 2018. Most of the favorite characters from the manga/ anime have some symbol which resembles or defines them as a character.

There are symbols for hope, vengeance and other various powerful emotions which fans like us can easily relate too in our day to day lives. To say the very least, the makers have made sure to include such symbols which the people and the generation of our time can relate to for the years to come.

To conclude one can state with complete certainty that this particular anime/ manga is one to look out for. People interested in this show should get themselves inked.

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Gallery with Dragon Ball tattoos

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