Star Wars tattoo ideas you need to know of

Star Wars tattoo doesn’t need an introduction, now, does it? With the kind of fiction and depiction that the characters have, it is mandatory for people to stay hooked. But for some, the obsession is an entirely different level, isn’t it? If you are one of those people who likes to engorge their time binge-watching Marvel movies, you are the MVP.

Obsession can be under several circumstances. While some might have dialogues to every Marvel movie memorized, some will have their entire merch collection home. But, some people tend to go above and beyond. If you want to be one of those, these Star Wars Tattoos can be the ones for you.

star wars tattoo ideas
star wars tattoo ideas

outline starwars tattoo

Solo A Star Wars Story tattoo

Now, what is Star Wars you ask? If you have been living under a rock, you have probably missed out. But, the Star Wars is a movie series under Marvel which is nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon. This eponymous and fantastic movie series started back in 1977 and had since then embedded its place in history.

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About Star Wars Tattoo

You might be here thinking, what kind of tattoo would look best if it has a star wars theme, right? With the growing popularity of the film series, more and more people are indulging in getting inked. However, getting inked with a Star Wars themed tattoo needs some sitting down and assessment. You don’t want to have the same design someone else has, but you want some unique that you can show off.

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Sounds like a struggle, doesn’t it?

Well, don’t worry, we have some fantastic Star Wars themed tattoo ideas that you can look into.

The FULL team

Now, this is quite common, but the design is something you can tweak and play around with. There can be a lot of option on which character of the team goes where and so forth. Having the full team etched onto your body can be a reminder of strength for you. That being said since the tattoo is going to be big and detailed, seek out a well-known artist.

full team star wars tattoo


Having your entire arm slathered with a Star Wars themed tattoo can be pretty amazing as we know Avengers as well. Not only does it look cool but is quite fulfilling too. Many people often don’t like the whole team but getting your favorite character etched onto your entire arm can be amazing. If you want to join the dark side, get something of one of the villains, because why not?

realistic SLEEVE star wars tattoo SLEEVE star wars tattoo for men SLEEVE star wars tattoo

The TINY ones

Now, not everyone likes or has money for massive tattoos. But, if you love some small and intricate, cute outline tattoos of character work well too. Small tattoos like them always look best on the hands, ankles or legs. If you are a fan of renewable energy, then this is your to-go tattoo.

geometric small star wars tattoo small star wars tattoo star wars tattoo design on hand tiny star wars tattoo

The CUTE ones

Cuddly and cute Star Wars tattoos are in the trend too. Having something soft like Groot can be a fantastic option as Cardi B mention before. Star Wars doesn’t necessarily mean dull and dark.

cute star wars tattoo funny cute star wars tattoo General Leia Organa small tattoo minimalist cute star wars tattoo

Source of images from fans at Tattooli @ Twitter.com

Star Wars have been every pop enthusiast’s first and last love. If you want to etch the love on your skin, these ideas can work just as good.

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Photo gallery with Star Wars tattoos


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