10 of the Best Tattoo Needles You Need to Try

Every tattoo artist knows that investing in quality tattoo needles is essential to keep your game at the top. Needles are an important part of your day to day operations. They are the ones you should always be stocking up for because of their high consumable rate. You will not be able to produce high-quality lining and shading on your procedures if you skimp out on quality needles.

In this list, we will be reviewing 10 of the best tattoo needles that are of great quality so you can be the best tattoo artist that you can be. We will also be looking at other key features to help you make that purchase.

Beoncall Tattoo Needles Set

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Are you looking for a complete set when shopping for tattoo needles for your tattoo studio? Then the Beoncall set is the one you need. The Beoncall tattoo needles set has the most variety of commonly used needles like round liners, round shaders, and magnum shaders. All of them are made with medical-grade stainless steel that’s individually packaged in a sterile blister pack. They are intended for single-use. Moreover, each is stamped with expiration dates.

Beoncall offers 4 different pack sizes depending on your budget. The package ranges from 50 pieces and can go as high as 200 pieces if you need a lot of stock. The needles are compatible with almost any tattoo machine out in the market so you shouldn’t have any problems with compatibility. Finally, the Beoncall tattoo needles set has one of the highest positive reviews on Amazon. Surely, that would count for something!

CINRA Professional Tattoo Needles

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CINRA has been producing high-quality tattoo equipment for years and their tattoo needles are no exception. The CINRA professional tattoo needles set are made of 316L stainless steel. The needles are durable and don’t bend. They are extremely sharp making them the ideal choice for most professionals. Each tattoo needle has a CE approval in its package. It’s pre-sterilized to make sure it is safe and secure.

The length of the CINRA tattoo needles are standard and should fit most tattooing machines. Buying the set gives you 50 pieces of needles and you can use them right away for your lining and shading needs. What makes the CINRA tattoo needles a great buy is that they offer additional customer support for clients if they will have issues with the product. Along with its affordable price, this puts CINRA on our list of the best tattoo needles because you are guaranteed a free purchase when you buy their set.

Autdor Tattoo Needles and Tubes Combo

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If you’re looking for reliable and high-quality needles and tubes for your day to day operations, then the Autdor fits the bill for you. The needles are made of stainless steel. Each of them is suited with a grip tube and tip. The design includes a comfortable grip and an anti-slip handle. The needles are suitable for almost all modern tattoo machines because they are of standard length.

The needles from Autdor are CE certified and sterilized during production. They are also packed in individual blister packages. Each needle is designed for single use only so your clients are always protected during the inking process. Buying the combo comes with 20 pieces of black disposable tubes matched with pre-sterilized needles. There is also a 40 piece set if you are wanting to stock up.

Dragonhawk Extreme Tattoo Cartridges

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It’s not a surprise that one of the most famous tattoo machine suppliers on the market also offers some of the better cartridges you can buy for your needles. The Dragonhawk Extreme cartridges are polished and have a long taper for all of your lining and shading needs. Buying this set gives you 20 pieces. Each needle is enclosed in a membrane mechanism that prevents ink spitback as you use it. The membrane and the tip allow tattoo artists to have a more seamless and enjoyable procedure during their inking process. It’s also compatible with all rotary or coil tattoo guns and even pen-style machines.

Each Dragonhawk needle is sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas and individually packaged for single use. The indentation on the needle’s tip enhances the ink flow and saturation. Since the cartridge is transparent, it also gives you a clear view to see the quantity of the ink as it goes into the nozzle. 

Yuelong Disposable Mixed Tattoo Gun Needles

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Yuelong offers one of the largest packages of needles, which is perfect for when you’re stocking up for your tattoo studio. You can buy their mixed needles of 20, 50, or 100 pieces at a very affordable price. Each of the needles is pre-sterilized with EO gas and has CE approval stamped on its packaging. The Yuelong needles are made of stainless steel so you have optimal control when you use them on your tattoo machines. We highly recommend Yuelong supplies for artists and beginners as the needles are for single use only.

Each needle is of standard fit and should work with all kits you already own. Yuelong also offers a full refund or exchange guarantee for their products if you are not satisfied with the delivery. The support Yuelong gives for their products is topnotch.

ATOMUS Tattoo Needles and Tips Set

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The ATOMUS tattoo needles and tips set offers a variety of kits for tattoo artists and professionals, all in one package! Their set includes 50 pieces of assorted needles that bring great convenience to all of your lining and shading needs. You also get 50 pieces of assorted tips that are sterilized before packaging. Unlike the other brands we have included on the list so far, ATOMUS uses 304L stainless steel for their needles.

The needles are silver in color while the tips are colored blue for easy identification. The needle length fits most tattoo machines so you shouldn’t have any problems when you use them. For tattoo studio owners looking to buy in bulk, ATOMUS offers a nice discount if you buy in large amounts. This is great for large tattoo studios as you get the most out of your money.

new star tattoo Premium Quality Bugpin Needles

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The new star tattoo brand has been making quality tattoo machines for years. Good thing they also offer needles for professional tattoo artists and beginners alike. The set includes 50 pieces of bug pin needles and you can choose between different sizes. Like the others on our list, each needle is individually enclosed in blister packages that are stamped with expiration dates. They are pre-sterilized and you can just peel off the packaging when you’re ready to use them.

The material new star tattoo used for the needles is 316L medical grade stainless steel which is safe for the skin during tattooing procedures. All of the needles are compatible with most tattoo machines. What we liked most about the new star tattoo brand is that their products are generally more affordable than others. So if budget is a concern for you, you should go for this one!

ACE Mixed Assorted Tattoo Needles

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ACE needles offer mixed and assorted tattoo needles for aspiring artists and professionals. The needles are made from high quality surgical stainless steel ensuring they will not split or bend during long procedures. The bar length is 4.75” and the needle tip length is 1.2” This standard length should fit most of your tattoo machines and tubes so you can focus on your lining and shading.

The needles are individually marked with lot numbers and size to keep you from guessing. Expiry dates are also indicated so you can use each needle in its best condition. The needles are sterilized with EO gas and have a built-in indicating dot to ensure quality. Like the rest of the brands on our list, ACE needles are individually stored in sterile blister packs. You will know the maker cares for your reputation and your customers as they didn’t skimp out on the safety measures. 

Aokbean Tattoo Needles and Tips Set

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If you’re stocking up tattoo needles and tips for your studio, Aokbean has a set that gives you 100 pieces of needles and tips at a very affordable price. The needle size ranges from 3RL and goes up to 9RL, 5RS up to 9RS, and 5M1 up to 9M1. The Aokbean needles are made from 316L stainless steel and are sterilized before packaging. They are neatly arranged and bifurcated making the colors of your tattooing more intricate and delicate.

The needle length is 5.62” while the tip is 1.88” in length. It fits all modern tattoo machines even if you’re using the coil, rotary, or pen types so you shouldn’t have problems with compatibility. The needles are silver while the tips are blue for easy identification. Overall, the price of the needles and tips is great and won’t break your wallet. This is a great buy for most seasoned tattoo artists and aspiring artists alike.

Needlehouse Tattoo Needles and Tube Combo

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Last on our list of the best tattoo needles is the Needlehouse needles and tube combo. The needles are made of 304L medical stainless steel that’s durable and won’t bend even during long operations. The needles include a soft ABS black tattoo grip and plastic tubes with an anti-slip handle which is suitable for most hands. Like other products on our list, the needles are EO sterilized and packaged in individual blister packs that are designed for single-use operation. Each pack is easy to open and easy to use so that you can start right away.

One of the things we looked out for when doing this review is the customer support the manufacturer provides after buying their product. Needlehouse offers a money-back guarantee or exchange for any defects or issues with their item. This means you will always have the best tools for your customers if you want to achieve perfect results for your tattooing procedures.


Buying Guide


Needle Types

It can be intimidating when you’re looking at a catalogue or a website since all the tattoo needles basically look the same to the untrained eye. However, experienced artists will know that they have different sizes and shapes depending on the need. There are round liners, round shaders, magnum shaders, curved magnum shaders, flat shaders, and double stacks. A lot of complete kits you can buy online already have assorted needles in one package so it’s best to go for those so you can start right away.


You should go for needles that are made from stainless steel and are medical grade. Bent or out of shape needles will cause major skin damage for your client and will put your reputation at risk. Low-quality needles will also disperse ink incorrectly and will cause problems during your session.




Are the tattoo needles safe and hygienic?

Most tattoo needles are pre-sterilized. But in order to be confident about your purchase, you should always go for products that are CE certified. They should be individually packaged in blister packs and should have expiration dates clearly stated to ensure they are safe for use on your client’s skin. The needles are designed to be single-use only.



Having high-quality needles ensures your designs are put to your client’s skin accurately and safely. Investing in them is a must for all professional tattoo artists. Not only will your clients appreciate your intricate art, but it will also give you a solid reputation for making sure your customers are always safe from any risk of infection.


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