How Much Time Is Needed To A Full Sleeve Tattoo?

Considering a full sleeve tattoo? You probably have noticed some interesting and appealing complete sleeve tattoo design and how you are thinking to get one. First of all, there is a difference between an arm covered in tattoos and a full sleeve tattoo. We will explain that, and we will reveal how much time is needed for a tattoo artist to complete this project.

sleeve tattoos
sleeve tattoos

Difference between arm covered in tattoos and full sleeve tattoos

The first and the most critical difference is in the theme or themes of a symbol. For example, a person with an arm covered in tattoos usually has many, different tattoos, with different ideas and meanings. Each one is considered as a separate tattoo, and each one tells a unique story as Pokemon tattoos for example. The next time you see a person with this kind of tattooing, you will know that he or she doesn’t have a full sleeve tattoo.

A full sleeve tattoo is one big tattoo that has one or 2-3 themes, all linked and all implemented in a single design. For example, a person can get a full sleeve tattoo that shows the actual race track or a car on it. You won’t be able to divide a real full sleeve tattoo on smaller ones. As we said, it is one massive tattoo.

full sleeve tattoo
full sleeve tattoo

Time needed for multiple interlinking tattoos and transferring them into a full sleeve tattoo

The first type of full sleeve tattoo is used by people who have various symbols on the arm. A person will decide to link them together and create just one, actual full sleeve tattoo. We believe that this is a less conventional way of tattooing and it is usually performed by people who got many tattoos while young. Adding background will be used to create a full sleeve tattoo.

To get this done, regardless of the full sleeve tattoo design you have chosen, you will need 2-3 days. It is only possible to complete a tattoo in a single day in some, rare cases.

full sleeve tattoo for women
full sleeve tattoo for women

Creating new, full sleeve tattoo

The more common action is when a person decides to create all-new full sleeve tattoo and add it to the skin. Keep in mind that you will need to make a detailed plan with a tattoo artist before you start. This tattoo, as we have explained earlier will have to reveal a single theme, and it will have to be based on proper research.

These tattoos are the most complicated to create, and they require the most extended period to be completed. You will need at least a week to develop a symbol. Tattooing process can take between 4 days and a few months, depending on the complexity.


Without any doubt, a full sleeve tattoo design will impress you, regardless of the fact which one you choose. These tattoos are considered to be the most beautiful and the sexiest of them all. Yes, they are complicated, but they are worth it.

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