How to Do Tattoos

How to Do Tattoos: A Guide for Aspiring Tattoo Artists

Way back in history, the idea of a tattoo is unaccepted by society as they view it as permanent dirt on one’s skin; also, these criticisms are connected with religious beliefs. However, currently, tattoos have gained popularity worldwide as today’s generation consider it as a form of art. Its wide acceptance has inspired a lot of people to become a professional tattoo artist.

A tattoo is a permanent figure or indelible design fixed on the skin by the insertion of colored ink into the dermis, which is the tissue underneath the outer layer of the skin. For many aspiring tattoo artists, the question they usually ask is how to do tattoos. To do a tattoo, you must master first your art talent and then undergo a set of seminars, lessons, apprenticeship, training, and so on.

Four Steps on How to Do Tattoos

how to do tattoos
how to do tattoos

Hone Your Skills in Drawing and Coloring

For beginners, the first essential step on how to do tattoos is by understanding, learning, and honing your skills in art. In here, you can take college courses related to art, such as Fine Arts or Asian tattoos. Other options are by doing a lot of reading and practicing and then attending a variety of art courses, training, and seminars. There are a lot of techniques, rules (the dos and don’ts), processes you must learn and apply. But no worries, once you get to develop your artistic talent, then you can proceed to the next step!


After honing and improving your art skills and practicing doing temporary tattoos, the next step is by acquiring learning. Apprenticeship is where you get to learn the most important things on how to do tattoos. You will have to make agreements with an established professional artist. Usually, apprenticeships last for a couple of years. During the beginning of the training, you will most likely perform menial tasks until you get to do actual tattoos. This is also the part where you learn and understand the hygienic measures in tattooing, like infection control.

tattoo artist at work
tattoo artist at work

Learning and Acquiring Tattoo Equipment

Keep in mind that you have to study the various equipment that you will need to utilize for tattooing. Most modern machines operate on electromagnetic coils while some on the rotary. The two primary mechanisms used are for lining and shading (black and grey). There is also a third machine used for color shading. It is vital to know, study, and distinguish this equipment depending on your style and preference. Remember to opt for not only good machines but also high-quality inks. Acquire a set of inks that don’t create adverse reactions or allergies to human skin. You also have to use the best products for sterilization, such as waste disposal container, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol, and surface disinfectant sterilization.

The Process of Tattooing

Before starting, prepare all your equipment by adequately sterilizing them and cleaning your area. Also, observe proper hygiene by washing your hands and wearing clean gloves. Next, make the part of the skin that will be tattooed by disinfecting and shaving it. Afterward, apply the tattoo design guide before the actual tattooing. This process entails transferring a stencil of drawing to your client’s skin; this will serve as your guide to prevent mistakes. Now for the actual execution, load up your tattoo gun with enough ink and then push the needle into the dermis. First, outline the design by following the stencil then clean the area. Second, you can now ink the inside of the outline, and clean the field once again. Third, overlap the lines to ensure there are no gaps. After everything is done, rinse the overall area for the last time and put on the bandage.

tattoo machine
tattoo machine


If you are eager to learn how to do tattoos and someday be an expert in this field, you have to understand the amount of patience and effort needed to perfect this skill. However, a tattoo artist can be a great and enjoyable career, especially if you have always aspired to become one. Just follow the instructions above until you get to achieve your dream. Do a lot of research and reading as well

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