Tribal Tattoos and Dragon Tattoos are Classics!

The tribal tattoo has long been one of the favorites. They have been evolving for hundreds of years into more complex designs and styles. They are usually in the simple black form used on the legs and arms with added color styles covering other parts of the body. The more modern tribal tattoos are more colorful and compete very well in the current market.
Some other tattoos are trendy right now such as the fairies, flowers, dragons, mystical creatures and the always popular heart tattoos.

Tribal Tattoos and Dragon Tattoos are Classics!

Putting a tattoo on the lower back has usually been the most common site for a tattoo as the end has lots of room and plenty of curves to have a dynamic symbol placed.

tribal tattoo
tribal tattoo

More recently, however, people are starting to get more adventurous when placing their tattoos such as the arms, shoulders, ankles, and even the toes. Women especially like to use a tribal design that will spread out, such as wings, to cover the complete base of their hips. These show well with low riding jeans.

Another favorite design is the dragon.

The dragon has for centuries been used for tattoos from the ancient Chinese dragon to the mythical dragon to the playful, mischievous dragons.

Men are more likely to have a dragon tattoo put on their chest since there is plenty of room to put a gigantic dragon with open wings, or even just covering one side of their chest. Women, however, like their dragons on the back so they can be seen more readily than the chest. Bathing suits can showcase an outstanding dragon on the back.

dragon tattoo
dragon tattoo

Maybe you have a whimsical nature and would love a single little fairy on your arm or shoulder. It can be very eye-catching but also in good taste. Who wouldn’t like a little elf to display your mystical and fantasy personality?

There are so many different symbols and designs with many meanings that it is hard to choose which one you want. Visit some of the tattoo sites online, and you are sure to find just exactly the tattoo that expresses your personality and nature. If you don’t see exactly what you want, work with the artist to come up with something original and beautiful that you will be proud to display.

Gallery with Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoo

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Dragon Tattoos


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