How to Design My Tattoo: Stay True to Yourself, Be Creative

Best way to Design My Tattoo

As an individual who finds tattoo art very interesting, I have always been dreaming to one day design my tattoo. Usually, people, like me, get inspirations on photo websites like Pinterest or Instagram. Sometimes we opt to follow famous international or local tattoo artists that showcase their artworks via social media for the public to see. There are also other people who go directly to shops and choose what they want for a tattoo on the spot by browsing at the shop’s design book.

When you always find yourself asking “how to design my tattoo?” or dreading to be unique, then there are a lot of ways to make your dream come true. Go out, be motivated and inspired, do your research, and you will find what you are looking for.

Four Ways to Design My Tattoo

Figure Out Your Inspiration

tattoo inspiration
tattoo inspiration

Having a theme in mind is not enough to let you fully visualize your ideal design. You have to open your eyes and do your reading and research on various art sources. First, you can browse online. Do quick research via your installed search engine or check our ideas for him and her. From here on, you will find numerous websites, social media, artist’s portfolios, and images that will display different themes which will set as an inspiration. Next, you can look through different favorite art books and tattoo magazines. At the same time, while browsing through images, you also have to brainstorm a design that would be meaningful to you. Something that has personal significance in your life. Remember to take note of everything as you are doing homework for your future design.

Draw Your Tattoo Design

design my tattoo
design my tattoo

After figuring out the first step, you have to start visualizing your design. Document the themes that most appeal to you from your research and start to draw. If you are naturally good at drawing and coloring, then sketching your dream tattoo would be awesome. Always remember that this will require patience. You may find yourself rejecting your first few sketches, but that is normal. You have to take your time until you get your ideal design right. If you don’t know how to draw, then ask someone who’s good in art. You can collaborate with them. Also, take note that you have to opt for a tattoo that will last forever, and not just because they are currently trendy. A timeless design is always the best!

Find a Tattoo Artist

tattoo artist
tattoo artist

Once you are done sketching your design, you can then look for the right tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life. It is essential to be thorough in this step. Take your sketch to various shops and ask for advice and feedback. You must ensure the expertise and competence of the artist before deciding who can best achieve your vision. Usually, consultations are just free. Always be open to any suggestions and modifications for your design as he is the expert in this field. You have to agree.

Figure Out the Body Area for Your Tattoo

This final step can be figured out at the earlier stage. In here, you have to find the best area where your tattoo will be placed on your body. Determine the available spaces or canvas on your body. Do you want it to be hidden, semi-visible, or highly visible? Is it going to cover a large area of your body or just the right size? Remember that this step will complete your whole tattoo design vision.


To design my tattoo is a dream I know I can achieve with enough dedication and motivation. As for you, if you genuinely want to stay true to yourself no matter what, then now is the time to visualize your future tattoo piece. Although the steps above require effort and patience but rest assured, once you get to finish everything, the feeling will be rewarding.

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