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The filipino tattoo and filipinos are people belonging from the Philippines. The Filipinos are known to occur from different and varied ethnolinguistic groups. These groups are natives of the island country. Currently as of now there exist around 175 ethnolinguistic group’s overall. Each of these groups is known to have their very own language, culture along with history and identity. Speaking about some of the traits and characteristics of

Filipino tattoos and the people

• Filipinos are known to be extremely loving and caring people to say the very least
• When it comes to hospitality, Filipinos are extremely popular around the world for having this trait.
• The Filipinos are also known for their family ties along with religion. The people hailing from the Philippines do take their faith very seriously and respectfully.
• The Filipinos are also extremely popular and well known for their work Ethics and culture.
• Last but not the least the Filipinos are incredibly generous people

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These are some of the character traits that are worth mentioning. However, speaking about their culture, the Philippines are referred to as commonly a complete melting pot. It is compared to a melting pot of eastern and western cultures alike. They seem to be heavily influenced by the different traditions of the indigenous Austronesian people.

filipino tattoo ideas
filipino tattoo ideas

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About Filipino Tattoo

Everybody has a brief idea of what tattoos are. Here in Filipino, symbols are taken as sacred art forms. Some people belonging from the Philippines are merely considered to be intense and magical. One such person that comes to mind is Whang- Od. Whang Od is deemed to be one of the legends in the tattoo community in the Philippines. She is the last of the mambabatok. Mambabatok traditionally means Kalinga tattooist which can be done even on face for this kind of styles. She hails from Kalinga. Whang-Od is extremely popular, and for over eight decades she has been inking on the headhunting warriors along with the women belonging from her Kalinga tribe as well.

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She is known to use the traditional style of tapping whereby the ink is hammered into the skin. This practice dates back thousands of years. The ink is banged on the surface with the help of a spike. The spike comes from a lime tree which is attached to the bamboo stick. The bamboo stick is then dipped into the wet charcoal. Apart from her the whole art of inking/ tattooing is taken pretty seriously around here be it the people belonging from any set of the group. Filipino tattoo is something that people all around the world should strive to see.

Filipino Meaning

A Filipino means somebody or someone relating or belonging from the Philippines. The person hailing from here is a native or an inhabitant of Philippines. One important thing to mention out here would be the fact that the national language of the people hailing from here is considered to be a standard form or style of Tagalog.

One thing that should however not be mistaken out here is the fact that Filipino is the general term. However, people are also divided into different categories or groups, having different languages and cultures.
To conclude it can be said that if the land of art is what you are searching for when it comes to tattoos, then this is the ideal place for you.

Photo gallery with Filipino tattoo ideas

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