Tattoo Art Design Ideas for a Pisces

Pisces is the zodiac sign for people born between February 20th and March 20th. It is not uncommon for someone to get a tattoo that represents their astrological sign. Pisces tattoos could come in many different designs and are not limited to just the symbol. When choosing a Pisces tattoo, look at everything that represents Pisces and use that to create something unique.

Using astrological symbols for Pisces tattoos

astrological pisces tattoo
astrological Pisces tattoo

The symbol for Pisces looks like the letter H. It is often depicted as two fish connected mouth to mouth with a cord. These two symbols have been turned into many different tattoos. Here are some ideas:

1) A tattoo of just the astrological logo. It could be fancy and elaborate or plain and simple.

2) Koi fish are often used, but make things more interesting by using other fish species. A fisher that is a Pisces might use a Bass for the tattoo.

3) Position the fish in the shape of the Pisces astrological symbol, using a cord to create the center line.

4) Many Pisces tattoos circularly place the fish. This makes them look similar to a yin yang symbol with their eyes as the center dots. Make one fish black and the other white, with contrasting color eyes.

5) Technically, the two fish are resting perpendicular to each other, their heads facing in opposite directions. The cord connects them from mouth to mouth. A traditional Pisces tattoo would be interesting, too.

Pisces tattoos based on Greek mythology

Greek mythology pisces tattoo
Greek mythology Pisces tattoo

Pisces gets its name from the story of the great monster Typhon. In Greek mythology, Typhon was the child of Gaia and Tartarus. The monster terrorized Olympus and was defeated by the gods. During the battle, Aphrodite and her son Eros managed to escape unscathed by turning into fish and swimming away. These fish would become the symbol of Pisces.

Here are some Pisces tattoo ideas based on the story of Typhon:

1) It is said that Typhon had large bat-like wings and the head of a goat. His legs were wrapped with snakes, and he could breathe fire. A tattoo of Typhon, along with the Pisces symbol, would make a frightening tattoo.

Pisces tattoo ideas
Pisces tattoo ideas

2) Another tale of Typhon, by Hesiod, describes the monster as having a hundred dragon heads with black tongues. Toss in the Pisces symbol or the two fish to make the tattoo’s meaning more clear.

3) Aphrodite and Eros represent love and passion. In the story of Typhon, a cord kept Aphrodite and Eros together. In this way, love and lust are always together and never separate. An interesting Pisces design would include these two mythological figures. Have a beautiful woman as Aphrodite and a child with wings as Eros(Cupid). They turn into fish while fighting Typhon, so make them half-fish, like a mermaid. Make sure the cord keeps them together.

Pisces tattoos art based on the Tarot

Tarot pisces tattoo
Tarot Pisces tattoo

In the Tarot deck, Pisces is represented by The Moon card. Tattoo design of that Tarot card would have to include the moon with two dogs beneath it. One dog must be light in color and the other dark. Include an ocean with a crab crawling out from the waves. Put the Pisces symbol on the moon’s forehead.

Use Chinese astrology to add to a Pisces tattoo

Chinese astrology pisces tattoo
Chinese astrology Pisces tattoo

Chinese astrology is based on the year a person was born instead of the month. The symbols are always animals. Some of these animals are the rat, dragon, goat, and pig. By including the Chinese astrological symbol with the Pisces astrological symbol in a tattoo will mix both beliefs. Need some ideas?

1) Someone who is the dragon could use two dragons in place of the fish, but place them in the Pisces position with the cord connecting them. Make sure to use a Chinese dragon, or the symbolism will be lost. Do something similar with any of the Chinese zodiac symbols.

2) Use both the Chinese animal symbol and the two fish of Pisces. Have the dragon swallowing the fish, the goat kicking them, the rat sitting on top of them. The possibilities are endless.

3) Write the word ‘fish’ in Chinese, or Japanese, to represent Pisces. Just make sure they are the right characters so that the Pisces tattoo says ‘fish.’

A few random ideas for Pisces tattoo art

Some of these fresh ideas for Pisces designs can be used with the models already mentioned to stress the Pisces symbolism more. Some of them are perfect for Pisces tattoo art all on their own.

1) In astrology, the color for Pisces is sea green.

2) Pisces represents water. Adding an ocean, waves or waterfall to the Pisces design would add to the symbolism. Making the water sea green would be even better.

pisces tattoo constellation
pisces tattoo constellation

3) Create a universal Pisces tattoo design. Tribal tattoos are made to look like writings and art of tribes and people from long ago. Some of the tribal styles are Native America, Egyptian, or even new Americanized tribal art. Work any of the ideas already provided into a tribal art tattoo.

pisces tribal tattoo
pisces tribal tattoo

4) For Christians, use the Christian symbol of the fish within the tattoo. Place the fish symbol in the same position as the astrological sign, and connect them with a cord. For an added touch, place WWJD inside the fish.

Christian symbol of the fish tattoo
Christian symbol of the fish tattoo

Other ideas for your next tattoo with pisces


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