Top 35 Epic Pisces Tattoos

Seeing zodiac tattoos on people like Pisces zodiac tattoos or any of the other eleven zodiac tattoos is nothing new now. Sporting zodiac tattoo designs have been gaining momentum over the years, and more and more unique and symbolic zodiac tattoos and an attraction towards the science called astrology is only adding to its popularity.

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Pisces Zodiac Tattoos

While any other tattoo may depict what you feel or your personality or your attitude, the zodiac tattoo alone represents who you are. I mean it is something no one can change. Since no one can change their date or month of birth, the zodiac sign under which we are born is permanently assigned to us. So, what better way to proclaim it to the world than a zodiac tattoo design? Additionally, this can also be the best way of proving your love for someone by having their zodiac sign inked on you. Whichever way you look at it, zodiac tattoos are the way to go.

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Pisces Tattoos

This zodiac sign falls between February 20 and March 20 and is the twelfth sign in the zodiac wheel. Pisces zodiac tattoos are apt for people born during this period, and this sign is symbolically represented by two fish swimming parallel in opposite directions. Pisces people are helpful by nature, selfless in character, emotional, intelligent and hard-working. They do sometimes tend to become too nervous, which makes them sensitive to being hurt.

Pisces Tattoos


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The opposite direction of the fish also symbolizes the fact that Pisces people have to face a lot of contradictions in life and try to overcome it. As the symbol suggests, the ruling element is water, and it also depicts the purity of character. The water lily is also used as a tattoo design to describe Pisces.

Pisces Tattoos Designs

The full symbol is two fish placed in opposite directions connected by a line/string. It is a natural tattoo design and will look good on anyone. The usage of water green color or blue or aquamarine will be quite useful for this zodiac tattoo. However, you can make the tattoo design more colorful and attractive by giving bright colors to the fish such as orange, red, etc.

Pisces Tattoos Designs

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The Pisces zodiac sign is also represented simply by a capital “H” drawn horizontally. The long lines depict the fish, and the short line depicts the sting. A single fish can also represent the Pisces sign sometimes.

Celtic and Tribal tattoo designs for Pisces

Two Celtic knots drawn parallel with a fish inside each can be a real eye-catching Pisces zodiac tattoo. Similarly, a tribal tattoo design can make use of the “H” symbol of Pisces to significant effect. You can even have a Celtic knot with “PISCES” written on it. Luckily the zodiac sign of Pisces lends itself for all sorts of modifications, combinations, and inclusions that unique and attractive tattoo designs can be created.

Tribal Pisces Tattoo

Celtic Pisces Tattoo

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