Rainbow Tattoo Design Ideas Based on Mythology from Around the World

Rainbows have many meanings besides gay pride, peace or the search for the pot of gold. They are a part of almost every culture and religion. The seven colours are bright and vibrant, so they always make for a beautiful tattoo design.

Here are several cultures and their interpretation of the meaning of the rainbow and a few rainbow tattoo design ideas.

Norse Mythology: Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge tattoo
Rainbow Bridge tattoo

The rainbow bridge, called Bifrost, connects the human world with the world of the gods. It is said that the bridge will be destroyed during a great war that kills the gods. While the rainbow bridge is only three colours according to legend, you can create a rainbow tattoo design of a bridge with all seven colours of the rainbow. Make the bridge look any way you want, whether as a regular rainbow or shaped like an actual bridge. Have our world at the bottom of the deck and your idea of “heaven” at the top.

Greek Mythology: Iris

Iris greek tattoo
Iris ancient tattoo

Iris is the personification of the rainbow. She is a messenger goddess that delivers news on the wind. Create a rainbow tattoo design of a woman wearing rainbow colours for clothing. Her clothes can be any style you want. On her shoulders should be a pair of golden wings. You can add a small rainbow behind her as an added touch and for more colour.

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Aboriginal Mythology: Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent Aboriginal tattoo
Rainbow Serpent Aboriginal tattoo

It represents the meandering rivers and the colours of the light that reflects off the water. Your rainbow tattoo design could be of a giant snake in the water. Its body should be a bright rainbow colour that blends in with the water. The snake’s head could be poking out of the water, shooting a rainbow geyser into the air.

Christian Mythology: The Great Flood

The Great Flood Christian tattoo
The Great Flood Christian tattoo

The rainbow represents a promise that there will never be another flood that destroys the earth, sparing all living things. After Noah built the ark and the flood came, God sent a rainbow to mark his promise. Every time the rainbow is seen, we are reminded of that promise. Create a rainbow tattoo design of a rainbow over a flooded land, a rainbow cross, or of the rainbow over the ark.

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Hindu Mythology: Indra

Indra hindu tattoo
Indra Hindu tattoo

Indra is the Hindu god of thunder and has a striking appearance that would make for an impressive rainbow tattoo design. He uses the rainbow as a bow to shoot bolts of lightning. Create a model of a warrior in full armour. In his hands should be a bow with rainbow colours. The arrow should look like a lightning bolt. You can give him four arms, as is custom, and have him riding a chariot or a white elephant.


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