Top 28 Celtic Tattoos – A Brief History

Celtic tattoos pattern is found in the ‘The Book of Kells’ which is a pictorial display of Celtic tradition and heritage. The Celtic tattoo, used by tattoo artists around the world, is the most esteemed among the tribal tattoo world. Taken from the metalwork that resembled the tattoo and the tattoo themselves, the artwork and intricacy of each tattoo show labor and faith put into its creation. The talent of the original artist should be sought in the tattoo artist that you choose.

The process is labor-intensive because of the intricate pattern and could be expensive, but you will come out with a Celtic tattoo that any person of Celtic descent would recognize with honor.

Celtic Tattoos
Celtic Tattoos

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Known as the hardest designs in the world by tattoo artists, Celtic tattoos session can take up to several hours as opposed to a simple tattoo, that can be accomplished in one or two.

The effort and skill it takes to accomplish Celtic tattoos require the monetary application that fits that skill.

Celtic tattoos can run from two hundred dollars all the way up to five thousand dollars. Some traditionalists will travel to Ireland, Scotland, or Wales to have the tattoo applied by one of the descendants of the Celtic clans.

If you travel to some of these destinations to have your tattoo drawn, be prepared to be turned down by some artists because you are not of Celtic ancestry.

Celtic tattoo


The popular areas of the body where Celtic tattoos can be drawn are usually around the bicep or calve muscles.

These tattoos not only draw notice to these areas but on most people, it gives a sense of beauty. Weight lifters and other athletic people that have large muscles in this area of the body choose to put their Celtic tattoos in that area to make it more noticeable. There are some cases, especially with women that Celtic tattoos are extended and drawn around their waist curving toward sensual places of their body.

This alluring tattoo will carry the same Celtic design but will alter to place emphasis on the curve of the body and the amount of exotic design the customer wants. The extreme body art enthusiast has been known to have Celtic tattoos around their neck or across their forehead. These areas of the body are for experienced tattoo wearers who consider their entire canvas for the art.

bicep celtic tattoo

Celtic tattoos take their heritage from the Celtic beginning.

These indications and signs while offering us a glance at Celtic beliefs are sought after as much for their charm, mysticism and as a means for many to advertise Celtic heritage, but they are also popular with those who desire to recognize and maybe take on the meanings behind them.

celtic heritage tattoo

Tribal tattoos

While the Celtic tattoos take on the many forms of products worshiped, revered and valued in old times, perhaps the most purposeful of all tattoos are those that take the type of tribal designs.

celtic tribal tattoos

Celtic warriors did not go to battle without tattoos, yet it is not known whether or not these were in fact tattoos as we understand them today. The Latin root of the work Picts means ‘painted ones’ and the Celts took on the exact same war techniques of painting their bodies in the hope of frightening their enemies.

To the Celts to go to battle was an extremely high honor certainly.

They engaged their enemies nearly entirely naked, or at least with chests bare which were done so as an additional kind of intimidation, however, it likewise suggested that they can display their tattoos to the fullest.

The Celts utilized a Woad plant to do their tattooing.

The leaves would be collected and dried and then boiled and strained, boiled once again. Completion result was a blue viscous or sticky liquid. The Celts utilized this Woad paste to use their skins with a needle-type of executing which required the dye under the skin layers. The end outcomes were strangely tattooed, blue warriors.

Woad plant

Tribal signs

Apart from meaning to terrify their challengers away, the signs made use of by the Celts in their tribal tattoos were created to capture their warrior spirit, their faith, their nerve, and their bravery. Celtic meaning took from things around them, specifically animals which they encountered in their everyday lives and which they respected for their different qualities.

One tattoo however that was respected amongst the warriors was the arrow.

The arrow symbolized the meaning of ‘Celtic brothers of the arrow’ in battle. The arrow stood for specific power as well as power amongst siblings, brother in this sense were those that battled and died together, representing that each had the same warrior spirit as the other.

Celtic brothers of the arrow tattoo

Tribal celtic signs

In the heat of battle, guys from different backgrounds bonded as a sibling. The Celtic arrow tattoo also symbolizes the inner strength that is should be a successful warrior.

When the arrow was made use of in conjunction with a sun design, this symbolized the piercing power which the old Celts related to the power of the sun.

Celtic arrow tattoo

Celtic Tattoos – Animals

Celtic animals symbols offered effective significance for the ancients and were typically made use of to illustrate their life and their history; they were likewise made use of individually by warriors as a way to show their personality or as a method to attaining the qualities of that certain animal such as courage, strength or projecting fear. The ancient Celts called upon the spirit of these animal symbols to offer these qualities.

Celtic animal tattoo drawing

The Celtic bull was very revered amongst the ancients, primarily for its strong will and its uncompromising and unbending persistent traits.

celtic bull tattoo

Bears and bear claws were connected with power.

celtic bear tattoo for men

celtic bear claws tattoo

The lion meant strength and nobility.

celtic lion tattoo

Crows and ravens were likewise connected with the fight.

Crows celtic tattoo

The horse was believed to be a sign or guidance, defense, and power.

horse celtic tattoo

The dragon signified an impossible challenger.

celtic dragon tattoos

Griffins made up of part lion and part eagle and were thought about guardians and protectors of life. They also illustrated nobility and strength amongst their favorable attributes. The griffin tattoo was just made use of when the wearer should draw in the attention of the mightiest of Gods.

celtic griffin tattoo

Yet animal signs were not the only ones made use of. The ancient spiral designs were said to enhance power and confuse the opponent.

celtic spiral tattoo

Rune signs were likewise utilized in tribal tattoos, for example, the Ken Rune mentions an intense warrior and was used as a way to evoke the God of the battle for assistance throughout the battle.

celtic Rune signs tattoo

The ancient Ogham symbols (Celtic lettering) were drawn upon for their strength, the Oaktree, for example, meant power and stability. The indicator for the oak tree is called a Duir and the druid’s thought that this symbol was a vessel of cosmic energy and when tapped it might be released on the battlefield.

ogham symbol tattoo


Top 28 Celtic Tattoos

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