Top 20 Lovely and Modern Cubism Tattoos

Wouldn´t it be amazing if you could tell an artist the story of your life, what is important for you, your values and most treasured memories and have them translate all of that into a visual experience? And what is even more hallucinating, this piece of art you can keep forever in the form of a modern cubism tattoo! That´s the magic of Epanded Eye´s duo and we have chosen some of their amazing cubism tattoos so you can also admire the way they weave a story into art which is later transferred onto your skin in the form of a cubism tattoo.

Cubism Tattoos

Modern Cubism Tattoos Designs

This impressive shoulder and sleeve cubism tattoo were requested by Juliane from Germany who was raised by her ocean-obsessed parents at sea. Her upbringing has made her into the woman she is today and she decided that she would not want to live the same way her parents did. Juliane´s mother is symbolized by the circle on the ship and she describes her as a free spirit and the silver fox represents her father, they both still live on the sea.

sleeve cubism tattoo

What is love?

This cubism tattoo is all about client Erik´s love for his girlfriend, the composition is genius as each arm represents an individual on its own right but together as a couple they are celebrating life, dreams.

love cubism tattoo

Totem´s deep into our subconscious, they are the representation of qualities that are innate to us. This fabulous cubism tattoo is a representation of that part of us which is always empowered and connected to Source and identity of the everyday woman. The metamorphosing this woman/animal expresses the “creative force carried throughout the client´s life which gives her the strength to transcend herself”.

love cubism tattoo on hands


An absolutely impressive representation of the unconditional love that the client feels for her twin. When both arms are together a multi-faceted heart is seen along with the shape of a dove, a love that is pure and full of acceptance. But from another perspective, each arm represents an individual with perceptible differences and also similarities.


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