70 Lovely Capricorn Zodiac Tattoos – With Gallery

The zodiac sign Capricorn falls between 22 December and 20 January and Capricorn zodiac tattoos are apt for people born on these days. Represented in the zodiac wheel by a sea-goat, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and its ruling planet is Saturn. Being an earth sign, most people born under this sign are reliable and practical. They are excellent support for friends and family alike and hence some tattoo lovers even though not taken under this sign like to have Capricorn tattoo design in memory of such people.

One of the main characteristics of Capricorn people is that they are a little reserved and contained.

They put restrictions on themselves and open up only after they become close to another person. Some people may even think them dull like the color grey or other dull colors like brown or the morose black. Well, with Saturn as the ruling planet, you cannot expect anything else.

capricorn zodiac tattoo

Saturn tattoo

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However, the blackness of Saturn also depicts the most important truth that life must end and then begin again.

A sense of finality with a silver lining on the horizon. Having said all this, I suggest that you can choose to symbolize your Capricorn Zodiac tattoo with grey and black and brown with a touch of color at some focal point.

small capricorn tattoo

People born under the Capricorn sign work hard; they are mentally prepared to face ups and downs with equanimity; they plan and analyze; they are not impulsive but very very trustworthy and dependable. They have high self-esteem and do not usually indulge in any misdemeanors. They also have great leadership qualities and love finding solutions to problems. Maybe, you can even call them troubleshooters. Besides these qualities, Capricorn natives are a patient lot and rarely try to catch attention.

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The sea goat which symbolizes Capricorn has all the above-said qualities, and it is always in a quest to find something new that nature offers.

sea goat tattoo

However, Capricorn natives, just like the sea-goat, can become furious and indefatigable when provoked.

And they are known to face such situations with square shoulders and a sharp mind. There is a belief that the sea-goat is a representation of the goat in Greek mythology “Amalthea”. It is believed that God of gods Zeus supplied this divine goat to give milk for a hungry child.

amalthea tattoo

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Type of designs for a Capricorn zodiac tattoo

Since the Capricorn Zodiac tattoo design has so many positive attributes, most people like to depict this tattoo design with a sea-goat or the Capricorn glyph. You can choose to draw the goat as if climbing a mountain, surmounting the seas, or foraying into the jungle. There is any number of designs on the net from which you can select a good tattoo or modify or combine two symbols to make a unique design. On the biceps, shoulders, wrist, thighs, etc. the sea-goat will be catchy. Black could be the main color with other colors to soften the sobriety of black.

Gallery with Capricorn tattoos

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