Powerful 58 Chest Tattoos ( With Gallery )

Chest Tattoos are so versatile, so personal and always detailed. There has been such an increase in chest tattoos through the female population over the past couple of years since it’s become more socially acceptable for females to have any type of tattoos. Anything from butterflies, flowers, names, shapes or even animal print have become popular with females but the absolute number one trend is a heart in the middle of their chest. Some of these hearts even incorporate the birthdays of their children or family members. So ladies, if you are looking to get a chest tattoo these are just some of the things that you might want to look into before getting your tattoo.

Now, guys, there are a lot of things that you can get a tattoo on your chest, there is a wide range of thing men get tattooed on their chest.

One of the most used tattoos for men on their chest is skulls, but animals are a close second. Using skulls as a starting point will leave you with an open plot to put another thing with it like names and cool whip shading. With other images that can be tied into the skull theme and dark colors and smooth line shading.

Although animals also get tattooed like lions, tigers, bears, dogs and even dragons. In some believes animals are a sign of manhood and strength. That is something every man wants to show while going into manhood and it is up to you if you want an animal tattoo what animal to get.

So men and women everywhere if you are looking to get a new tattoo any time soon you want it on your chest, these are just some things to think about before you get your tattoo done.

Check out these awesome designs below!

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As Precious As A Gem

Sometimes your tattoo says a lot about your personality. Perhaps this one says that the wearer is as precious as the ruby heart that she wears.

As Precious As A Gem chest tattoo

Elegant flowing designs make this tattoo catch the eye and suggest that the wearer is noble.

Conspiracy Chest Tattoo

How do you know what’s real and what isn’t? This mural tattoo has a lot of subjects that people worry about.

Conspiracy Chest Tattoo

Jeweled Bat

This jeweled bat is a graceful decoration across the chest.

Jeweled Bat chest tattoo

Proud as a Peacock Chest Tattoos

This beautiful, realistic design brings out the wearer’s eyes.

Proud as a Peacock chest tattoo

Everything is Rosy

Sometimes an abstract design is captivating because there are so many messages the viewer can take from it.

Everything is Rosy chest tattoo

Through the Looking Glass

This design has an excellent illustrative feeling to it and shows a true love for Alice in Wonderland.

Through the Looking Glass

Birds On A Wire

The sense of motion in this tattoo is almost dizzying.

Birds On A Wire

Key to Her Heart

The initials are on the key, and the angel wings are a beautiful touch and add softness to this design.

Key to Her Heart

Quoth the Raven

It’s amazing how the splatters of ink can add so much feeling to a design like this.

Quoth the Raven

Lady Death

The leaves and lilies in this tattoo only make the skull look even more sinister.

Lady Death tattoo on chest

Elegant Tendrils

The tentacles on this design keep your eyes moving to take in the entire thing.


Tentacles Chest Tattoo

Wraparound tattoos are always interesting. The bold colors on this one ensure that people will be staring.

Tentacles Chest Tattoo chest tattoo

Dual Ferocity

These two tattoos are both ferocious and beautiful, probably just like the lady who is wearing them.

Dual Ferocity chest tattoo for women

This small collection is only a sample of what you could have. There are simply too many great artists out there who can design some amazing stuff, varying from realistic to tribal, to everything in between.



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