Ink that Stinks: Bad Tattoo Ideas

Lookin’ to get some ink done?
Of course, you are. There’s a particular time in your life where you look at your body and think to yourself, “hey, I should permanently mar my flesh by tattooing ink into my skin.” It’s like a rite of passage.

If you have to get a tattoo, here are some fun ideas for what you should choose.

1. Something in a foreign language.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a tattoo of a word you don’t understand. And if you can’t follow it, you can’t regret it! It doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t say what you think it does. Just keep believing, and don’t wonder why the Chinese kids across the hall are laughing at you all the time.


2. The name of a lover.

You will surely be in love with them forever, and there’s no need to make any plans otherwise. Tattoo their name. Do it. Be sure to tattoo it big across your chest, even if you’re a woman; that way, you’ll never have the option of getting into any relationship if your partner’s name isn’t Ethan.

foreign language tattoos
foreign language tattoos

Ink that Stinks: Bad Tattoo Ideas 1Ink that Stinks: Bad Tattoo Ideas 2

3. A symbol.

Something that means Infinity or Forever or Love or something massive like that. That way, people will ask you to explain the tattoo all the time, and they’ll realize what a tool you are when you launch into a lengthy description of how you first saw an Ankh, and it just hit you, man, like you’d known all your life that you needed that thing over your left nipple.

Ink that Stinks: Bad Tattoo Ideas 3Ink that Stinks: Bad Tattoo Ideas 4Ink that Stinks: Bad Tattoo Ideas 5

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4. Something very related to current events.

For instance, “ANNA NICOLE SMITH – 2/08/2007 NEVER FORGET” or the name of your favorite vice presidential candidate. After all, anything that’s interesting now will surely be interesting twenty years from now, right?

never forget tattoos
never forget tattoos
para siempre en mi corazon tattoo
para Siempre en mi Corazon tattoo
roman tattoo
roman tattoo

5. Something massive.


3d full back tattoo
3d full back tattoo
full back tattoo
full back tattoo
realistic full back tattoo
realistic full back tattoo

You don’t want one of those little tattoos that don’t carry any power or any element of danger; you want a tattoo that’s the size of your whole freakin’ back! No, you want a tattoo that’s even bigger than your body! Get a few friends together; you can each makeup part of a giant tattoo, and form like Voltron to let people see it.

Whatever your tattoo choice, remember; it doesn’t come off too quickly.

Of course, they are coming up with balms like Wrecking Balm and laser treatments that are starting to remove tattoos easily and painlessly, but that defeats the purpose of a tattoo; it’s supposed to be permanent, dammit, and painful as hell!

Make a mental pact with yourself.

Whatever your lousy tattoo choice, no matter how politically incorrect or atrocious it seems in thirty years, you won’t remove it. It’s your body, man. Make it an eyesore and be proud.
Source of images: Twitter


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