Washable Marker Tattoos Are a Hit with Kids on Summer Vacation

So your kids are out of school and big surprise, they are bored. It’s too hot to ride bikes, too hot to play in the sandbox and you don’t want them communing with Spongebob all day. That Squidward is just too funny though. Seriously, check him out. This craft is for just about any age child and the fearless Mom.

My kids love to make it easy to wash off tattoos.

The only supply you need is a package of washable markers. I usually use Crayola, but you can use any brand you like as long as they are marked Non-toxic and washable. I don’t often use black because it doesn’t wash off as quickly as the other colors.

The dollar store usually has a good supply of inexpensive art supplies. We go there at least twice a month during summer vacation. It is a good source of cheap bubbles, toys and craft supplies.

temporary tattoo for kids
temporary tattoo for kids

This craft project is perfect for those extra hot days during summer vacation. We dress in our swimsuits, well the kids do, I don’t want to bring the property values down in my neighborhood, so I wear shorts. This makes cleanup easy and bares more skin for room to draw the tattoos.

Even older children can get into this activity.

Teens can do their Emo thing and post pictures of their fake tattoos with heroes like Superman or from DC Comics on Facebook. For some reason, kids find it so refreshing to write on themselves or their sibling. I can see what the kids like about this. I had a great time drawing on my toddler.

We didn’t stick with the normal tattoo subjects, we drew cars, shapes, words and one child ended up wearing the entire alphabet. Make sure to take plenty of pictures. In the long cold days of February, the kids will love to look back on their silly summer vacation.

One of the kids favorite things is to write to me.

Sure I’ll look weird until I take a shower but then what else is new? I had some worries about this activity encouraging the kids to write on themselves at other times. This fear proved to be boundless; it stopped my little one from writing on herself with pens. She enjoys the markers so much better and then she gets to play in the pool.

temporary tattoos for childrens
temporary tattoos for childrens

Here is a small word of caution.

I am not a big fan of my kids writing on their faces. For some reason, I don’t trust them with pointy objects near their eyes, or God forbid anywhere near their sibling’s eyes. Like the bumper sticker says, “It’s all fun until someone loses an eye, then hey, free eyeball!” So for safety reasons faces are off limits.

After the artwork has been admired and photographically archived, I fill up a pool with water from the hose and a small amount of dishwashing soap. You don’t need too much soap, just enough to fill up your wading pool with bubbles. An alternate method is to give the kids sponges or washcloths and a bucket or pan of soapy water. For some reason, my kids will wash for hours outside. An added benefit is that the pool will be sparkling clean when they are finished!

Once the children dry off, they can write on themselves and go through the whole tattoo and removal process again and again.

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