Temporary Tattoos Keep Kids Safe and Save Lives

Kids love the cute and stylish temporary tattoos. The temporary tattoos have become familiar items in vending machines or as part of a gift package at a birthday party, but can a temporary tattoo serve a purpose beyond whimsical fun?

Temporary tattoos are not just for fun anymore

As a parent, safety is of the utmost importance. Any good parent knows that absolutely nothing can replace adult supervision for your child by someone who is both caring and responsible. As a mother with four children of my own, I am entirely aware of the fact that parents are always looking to find new ways to keep their kids safe.

temporary tattoo for kids
temporary tattoo for kids

Any parent who has ever become distracted for just a moment then turns around to see their child is gone, understands the fear of losing a child. Even if your youngster just stepped away to look at a toy or toss out some trash, your mind runs a mile a minute for those seconds until you located him or her.

Special Needs

What about parents with nonverbal or autistic children, for instance? Kids with special needs may have difficulty providing information to the authorities about how to contact a parent in the event they become separated. A temporary tattoo can provide contact information, such as a phone number so that a parent can be reached quickly in the event of an emergency.

Companies like SafetyTat and MyPreciousChild.com offer temporary tattoos to keep kids safe. The tattoos apply in the same way you would ask a temporary tattoo from a vending machine. To personalize the temporary tattoo, you will need to use a waterproof marker to write down the phone number where you can be reached.

Most safety tattoos are sold as a kit with the appropriate waterproof tag included, but check for this detail before ordering. Before your next vacation or outing at an amusement park, you’ll want to check these out.


Allergies have become a huge concern for parents. If your child has a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting or nuts, for instance, this can be vital information that others need to know even if you are not around. Young children who cannot express adequately the appropriate information about an allergy may need to have a way to get this information to others.

Although a parent will undoubtedly do their best to inform all caretakers of an allergy, you can quickly get the information to virtually anyone who comes into contact with your kid. Consider a class field trip to the local zoo. Parent volunteers and chaperones are accompanying the class. With the confusion of the new volunteers and the business of the class field trip, will all the chaperones be notified of your child’s allergy? As a parent of a child with an allergy that can be life-threatening, I know the value of peace of mind.

A simple application of a temporary tattoo could be terrific in this instance to improve the safety of your child. Parents can purchase temporary tattoos that say “No Nuts” or similar phrasing to alert others to the potentially life-threatening situation.

Cute and Convenient

The temporary safety tattoos are not only attractive but convenient. Many of the temporary tattoos come in a variety of colors and designs that appeal to children. The bright, bold colors are designed to be safe and easily visible. The temporary tattoos put safety first and are an excellent alternative to medical alert bracelets for those children who won’t wear one. The temporary tattoos can last several days if applied appropriately, and children often have various designs to choose from to encourage their interest.

Parents who want to put safety first in their child’s lives now have another cute and convenient way to protect their child.

Let`s find out some ideas of temporary tattoos

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