Temporary Art: Henna Tattoos

As an alternative to getting a tattoo, getting a henna tattoo has always been the wiser option as it is not something that you’ll have to live with forever. After a week or so, it will fade away. Henna tattoos are a much healthier and safer alternative to the real, permanent tattoo. But henna has a rich history, and its properties have been beneficial and used for centuries before us.

Henna tattoos have been and still is, used for some things.

It is deeply rooted in middle-eastern and Asian culture and is involved in many of their traditions. Henna is made from henna leaves, it is formed into a powder, and initially, it was used as a hair dye as well as for body art and perfumes.

It is used to create art mainly on the hands and feet, usually during ceremonies, especially during weddings. Henna body art is widely used in the Islamic culture as it is believed to ward off the ‘evil eye.’

Henna tattoo
Henna tattoo

The concept of the ‘evil eye’ is a metaphor for those envious of you and it is believed that their envy can be a bad omen of sorts. And by applying the henna on the hands and feet is serves as protection from such feelings and ‘curses.’

Today western cultures have adopted henna art and modified it into a more modern interpretation where they’ve managed to produce different colors of henna.

They create tattoos, and it’s become more of a fun, universal form of body art.

However, it is essential to be a little wary of altered henna colors because it’s possible that some of the additives could cause adverse skin reactions and allergies.

Henna tattoo on hands
Henna tattoo on hands

Henna will be around for centuries to come, and till this very day, it is still an essential part of middle-eastern and Asian cultures. So this is one part of a culture that we don’t have to worry about losing. It’s important to keep such symbolistic and natural art forms alive for generations to come. If for nothing else, then at least as a reminder to our children of the roots and rituals of tradition and cultural art.

Henna tattoo pictures

Henna tattoos

Henna tattoo on hands
Henna tattoo on hands






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