3D Program by Loic Zimmermann

Our society is in love with tattoos. It was only two decades ago that people looked upon tattoos in bad taste. A symbol was associated with those who were rebellious and did not want to conform to society. Now, tattoos are viewed as the art that they should be. Millions of people get a tattoo every year. One symbol often leads to more tattoos because of how addicting it can be.

Still, there are many people out there who have yet to get a tattoo.

This is because they are worried about what it would look like on their bodies.

They do not want to do something to their bodies that are permanent and decide that they do not like it. The fear of the tattoo not looking good on them keeps them away from the experience of actually having one. This is why it was important for someone to create a system for the scared consumer. Fortunately, artist Loic Zimmermann has been hard at work doing just that.

artwork by Loic Zimmermann
artwork by Loic Zimmermann

Loic Zimmermann has spent most of his life as a computer graphics artist.

He loves to make the artwork for some of the most popular video games and websites out there. His artwork can be seen on thousands of different things. Thankfully, he also has a love for tattoo art. His passion for tattoo art and understanding that there is a market for a tattooed computer graphic interface has led him to create one hell of a program.

Loic Zimmermann
Loic Zimmermann

The decision to be permanently inked can be a very difficult one. Zimmermann’s program will allow users to get a close look at what a tattoo would look like on them. You will be able to choose a sophisticated design and apply it to a 3D figure. The program will allow you to use the tattoo anywhere on the body. This is so that you can see how the image looks and decide if it is what you want.

Zimmerman is still doing a lot of work to the program.

There is hope amongst many of the program’s fans that he makes it possible to scan your art into the program. Many people decide to create their tattoo. By enabling an individual to study their art into the program, they can also take advantage of seeing how the symbol looks on a 3D model. The application and technology will most likely catch on very quickly. When it does, we will see that endless possibilities will be created for the tattoo industry.

Loic Zimmermann 3D model
Loic Zimmermann 3D model

This program could boost the sales of the tattoo industry immensely.

The plan would enable the industry to reach out to all the people who are in the middle of deciding if a tattoo is right for them. I know that I have always been one of these people. A quick look at the program allows me to see how a tattoo would look on my shoulder blade or pectoral muscle. This is indeed an excellent idea for everyone. Hopefully, it will be cleaned up and ready to hit the market sometime next year. The wait will be well worth every second.


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