Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Design Ideas

Alice in Wonderland was a children’s book that became an international phenomenon. The words and images from Alice in Wonderland have since been used in books, movies, video games, TV shows, philosophy, and the porn industry. So, if a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, why not create a tattoo design idea based on that beloved story?
Here are some tattoo design ideas based on the works of John Tenniel, American McGee and Tim Burton. Each of them has had a significant impact wontheir actions of Alice and Wonderland.

Mad Hatter tattoo design ideas.

The most important thing about the Mad Hatter is, of course, his hat. Any tattoo design of this crazy fellow would have to include the top hat with the 10/6. If following the American McGee Mad Hatter then the cap would be very tall and black and white checkered. Here are a few tattoo design ideas for fans of the Mad Hatter:

-A tattoo of just the hat with the 10/6 tag. It could be in black and white like the John Tenniel art, looking as if it was sketched on your skin.

-Create a creepy Mad Hatter-like American McGee. Give him the tall checkered hat and put him in a straitjacket. Of course, the best thing to do is to create your creepy Mad Hatter using American’ McGee’s Mad Hatter as a reference point. Maybe your Mad Hatter wears a gas mask.




Get a tattoo of John Tenniel’s Mad Hatter, making him bright and ccolourful

That will not be unique, but fans of his work will appreciate it. Or, like with the American McGee Mad Hatter, use the artwork to create a new tattoo design idea.

Alice tattoo design ideas. Alice is the main character, and sher blue dress and white apron always recognize her Sometimes she has curly blonde hair, and other times she has straight brown hair.

-American McGee’s Alice holds a bloody knife in her hand. If you are going the dark and creepy way with your tattoo design, then this will undoubtedly make your tattoo stand out. Also, she stands with the Cheshire cat, a creature that is skin and bone, with a frightening grin on its face. An excellent Alice tattoo design idea would be of the Cheshire, with Alice’s knife dangling above him.

-If you want a sweet Alice tattoo design to create a chibi anime Alice and have her sitting on a mushroom. Place a cute Cheshire cat with her, too. She will look sweet and innocent, which is a perfect tattoo for those that think they are fresh and honest.

-If you love fairies, another tattoo design idea would be of Alice as a fairy. You could have the blue caterpillar as a butterfly with her as well. Just make sure Alice is in her dress and apron so that people will rrecogniseher as Alice in Wonderland.

Jabberwocky tattoo design ideas.

The Jabberwocky is supposed to be a frightening creature that teaches Alice how to overcome her fears. This creature has taken on many shapes, sizes, and some teeth and claws.

-The Jabberwocky would make a fantastic tattoo for anyone who loves Alice and Wonderland. Here is what you do: In your mind, imagine the scariest monster/creature you can imagine. Something that makes you shudder at the idea of it. Then put that monster to paper, or have someone do it for you, and there is your Jabberwocky tattoo design.

The Jabberwocky was Alice’s greatest fear, and your creation of the Jabberwocky would be yours. Your production might not be a ten foot tall Godzilla but might include real-life worries and ideas. This could consist of a fear of death, spiders, terrorism, guns, etc. Each item or design can be used in your Jabberwocky. Put the word “Jabberwocky” beneath the creature.

jabberwocky tattoo alice in wonderland
jabberwocky tattoo Alice in wWonderlandTattoo design ideas for the Red Queen and the White Queen. Fans of Alice in Wonderland and chess should consider a tattoo of the Red and White queen as well as the other pieces and pawns of the story.

-Create a tattoo design of the Red and White queen and have then pitted against each other. Make their dresses look like the body of the chess pieces, and place a crown on their heads similar to the head of the chess pieces, as well.

-Have the Red queen blocking the White King, making sure to give him a good long mmoustached Put the words “Check Mate” on the tattoo design. This is a great tattoo design idea for a female chess player.

More tattoo design ideas based on Alice and Wonderland.

Here are fa ew more ideas based on other characters from the Alice and Wonderland books:

-The Queen of Hearts. This woman is always feared, and incredibly silly. Make her short and fat, or tall and sexy. No matter what, she should look villainous. For those who want a morbid tattoo design, put a severed head in her hand.


alice and wonderland tatt
Alice and wonderland tatt
alice and wonderland tattoo with red queen
Alice and wonderland tattoo with red queen
alice and wonderland tattoos
Alice and wonderland tattoos

-The Walrus and the carpenter. Just because they make an exciting couple. Have then enjoyed some oysters together.

-The lion and the unicorn. A perfect tattoo design idea for those into politics. Have the two beasts pitted against each other, fighting. They could be realistic looking animals or cartoons, or they could be human with animal features.

-The white rabbit. Any tattoo design idea of this Alice and Wonderland character has to include a clock.



Pictures source: Pinterest.com

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