Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Design Ideas

Fairy and butterfly tattoos are common, especially on women. They both have meanings that are similar and complement each other. Also, they are both beautiful, something women love to have on their tattoos. Here are a few fairy butterfly tattoo design ideas that incorporate both fairies and butterflies, combining meanings or just for fun.

The meaning of fairy and butterfly tattoos.

Fairies are silly sprites with wings, the most famous being Disney’s version of Tinkerbell. Fairy tattoos represent youth and imagination. Fairies love to play games and to dance. They are most often seen by children during their play. Fairies also represent fate and destiny. Many fairies, such as those in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, often meddle in lives and affect their decisions, thus changing their fate.

butterfly tattoo
butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoos have a few meanings.

Japanese culture believes that one butterfly represents womanhood and two represents marital bliss. You can add the correct number of butterflies to any fairy butterfly tattoo design. Butterfly tattoos also represent the human soul. Many cultures believe that the butterfly is a human soul that has left its body. The most common meaning of butterfly tattoos is metamorphosis and rebirth. Butterflies were once caterpillars that could not fly, and they transformed into beautiful creatures with all new abilities.

blue butterfly tattoo design
blue butterfly tattoo design

Fairy butterfly tattoo design idea based on Sugar Plum Fairies.

Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet The Nutcracker has Sugar Plum Fairies who love sweets and love to dance. The Nutcracker is an excellent example of childhood imagination and perfect for a fairy tattoo design. If you are a ballet dancer, create a fairy butterfly fairy tattoo design with a fairy in a tutu and a ballet pose. It would be adorable to have her leg up in the air, and a beautiful butterfly is resting on her toe. All around the dancing fairy should be pieces of candy in wrappers or peppermints.

Fairy butterfly tattoo designs based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

If you are a fan of Shakespeare’s fairies and butterflies, then combine them for a playful homage to the Bard and his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The most famous sprite from the game is the mischievous Puck. This little hobgoblin causes most of the trouble in the match. Create a Puck without wings, dressed in leaves and an acorn hat. Make sure he has a playful grin. Also, add to your fairy butterfly tattoo design other fairies from the play, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Moth, and Cobweb. Create them to look like their names. Mustardseed might have yellow flowers for a skirt. Cobweb would have wings that look like cobwebs. Use their names, and your imagination, to make the fairies how you want them to look. Finally, finish the tattoo design with all the sprites standing within an entire field of butterflies. Maybe Puck has one in his grasp. This elaborate fairy butterfly tattoo design would amaze everyone.

gothic butterfly tattoo
gothic butterfly tattoo

A goth fairy butterfly tattoo design idea.

This fairy butterfly tattoo design idea is darker. Create a goth fairy. If you want to make the fairy cute or sexy, go ahead. Or you can make the fairy evil and dark. Either way, it will look best if the fairy is goth. Give the dark fairy hair, dark wings, goth clothing, striped socks, longs nails, dark makeup, etc. In her hand, within a cage or beneath the glass, should be a living butterfly. The fairy has trapped it, and in that sense, caught a soul. The story would be that the fairy cruelly meddled in someone’s life that resulted in a lost soul. The fairy now holds it prisoner.

A couple of extra fairy butterfly tattoo design ideas.

How about a fairy riding a butterfly as its steed? Create a butterfly with elaborate wings and a fairy that is just as beautiful.

Or, create a butterfly tattoo of the butterfly with its wings out wide. The design on the sides could have fairies hidden all about, turning your fairy butterfly tattoo into a seek and find. The plan on the butterfly wings, if drawn well, could be elaborate and would become an optical illusion.


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