Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas: Stars, Hearts and Words

Wrist tattoos are small, and usually dull, tattoos that can still have a lot of meaning. Getting a tattoo on your wrist means the tattoo must be small, which can also save you money. They are a good choice for a first tattoo. Even though the workspace is small, there are still a lot of wrist tattoo designs to choose from.

Wrist tattoo designs: Do they hurt?

For a first-timer, that’s one of the biggest questions. You always hear that getting inked on some body parts hurts more than others. Such as the upper arm is nearly painless, while others place hurt terribly. Each person’s pain tolerance is different, and generally, people know what they can handle just from getting bumps and bruises throughout life. The wrist itself is not any more painful than other parts of the body. The upper wrist, right below the hand, can burn some. It is the only part that might be uncomfortable. However, the tattoo is small, and the pain will end soon enough. If you are worried about the pain, get the wrist tattoo lower, more like a lower arm tattoo. You can always add more to it, closer to the wrist, later when you realize tattoo pain isn’t that scary.

Wrist tattoo designs: Star

The star is by far the most popular design for that part of the body. The meaning of a star tattoo depends on the number of points it has, and most of them have purposes religious. Stars are a large part of religions and beliefs from around the world. There is also the shooting star that is commonly known to make wishes come true. Get a tattoo of a single star of any design you wish. There is the pentagram, the nautical star, the Star of David, or stars up to nine points(or more if you design it). A shooting star can be placed on the inner wrist, with the tail wrapping around like a bracelet.

Wrist tattoo designs: Heart

The heart is probably the second most common. Hearts represent love and the source of life. They also represent friendship, courage, and pride for your country. Embellish a heart tattoo on your wrist by adding an arrow, star or wings. For love of country, color the heart like your country’s flag. Two hearts together is a perfect idea to show friendship and unconditional love. A string of hearts, all joined together, would work for a bracelet tattoo that goes entirely around the wrist.

Wrist tattoo designs: Word

A single word can be powerful. Words like love, hope, faith, courage, and soul. Those are common inspirational words, but you can choose one word that represents you and all you believe in. The word can be written across the wrist or vertically. You can add a small image with the word, but most of the time the word speaks for itself. The best thing is to choose a word that you love, that holds meaning to you, and that you can spell correctly without thinking about it.


More ideas in this gallery, have fun! 🙂

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