Hot Neck Tattoos ideas for this year

When getting a tattoo, it’s always best to get one in the fall or winter, because your skin is more covered and the tattoo is protected. A hot tattoo trend for 2018 through 2019 is feet tattoos and neck tattoos.

A neck tattoo can look quite elegant if the right neck tattoo is chosen.

A few years back when girls use to get neck tattoos the first impression towards many people was trashy looking, but now neck tattoos have come a long way. You have so many hot celebrities who wear a neck tattoo, and it looks excellent. Is there a specific neck tattoo to get? No, not really, but don’t choose something that’s too big or will not look appropriate on the neck. You have to remember your throat is only so big and a shirt can cover so much.

neck tattoo
neck tattoo

Some hot neck tattoos for 2018-2019 are stars, music notes, zodiac sign, moon and sun, cluster of hearts, vine of flowers, small butterflies mixed with stars, an actor with a music note in the middle, heart with wings, fairy, sun with tribal, big butterfly with baby butterflies on each side of neck, cluster of cherry blossoms, two dolphins together to form a heart, and a cross hanging down with chain.

Neck tattoos can also be scary and spooky looking.

I have seen vampire neck bites made into a tattoo on the neck, scary monster faces on the back on neck, and even a giant star tattoo on the end of the neck with silver ball earrings at each point of the star neck tattoo. So basically neck tattoos can really be whatever you desire as long as it fits.

Pictures of neck tattoos- An excellent website for images of neck tattoos is Photobucket.com. On this website, you will find over 500 neck tattoo ideas. Some of the neck tattoo you will see will be a heart with stars, barcode, angel wings, quotes, clusters of flowers, Chinese letters, butterflies, spirits, fairies and much more.

neck tattoo ideas
neck tattoo ideas

Tattoos-and-art.com- You have a vast variety of hot neck tattoos to choose from. Out of these 90 neck tattoos, I am sure you can come up with some idea. You will find hearts, skulls, flowers, angels, dragons, barcodes, symbols, zodiac signs, stars, moons, flames, crosses, and more.

Google.com– If you place “pictures of neck tattoos” into the Google search box it will bring up quite a few pages. Go to the very top and click on image results. This will give you over 45 sheets of great neck tattoos. Everything possible will be found here.



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neck tattoo ideas
neck tattoo ideas

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