30 Keen Ideas for Arm Tattoos ( With Gallery )

Arm tattoos are hugely popular, but that doesn’t mean that, if the arm is the place you want for getting a tattoo, you can not find some unique designs in the field.

Original arm tattoo ideas often derive from the traditional ones.

Let’s take, for instance the Celtic tattoos, which mostly refer to geometrical grid designs or in some rare cases, animals. And they are all over the place. But if you go back to what Celtic means, and that is Irish, you can come up with some pretty one of a kind tattoo ideas for an arm. The Irish culture is rich in whimsical symbols that make up excellent, funny tattoos and offer you the individuality you want. After all, what is life without humour and personality? So check out below some of the Irish arm tattoo ideas that may brighten up your search.

arm tattoos

Famous women arm tattoo gala

The arm for women is as popular as those for men. You don’t need biceps of steel or a well built upper body to be able to display an arm tattoo proudly. Arm tattoo women have found a way of not only expressing themselves through this art but also of making arm tattoos feminine and chic. Whether the women arm tattoo shows a belief, religious or of any other kind, a tribute or merely beautiful design, women have succeeded in actually competing with men in fashionable tattoos. And what makes things even more interesting is that now women celebrities everywhere have started to show incredibly original or bewildering arm tattoos.

women arm tattoo gala

women full arm tattoo gala


Arm tattoo for girls – ideas and designs

Arm tattoos have become hugely popular among girls as well, and when it comes to concepts and designs, we have to admit that girls are a little bit more imaginative.

Yes, girls’ arm tattoo ideas include butterflies and flowers, shooting stars and fairies, but they are inked in such manner that they form a whole story, which makes them pretty awesome. And don’t think that a tattoo on the arm for girls can not be some tribal design or something less feminine – don’t forget about the famous barbwire on Pamela Anderson‘s arm, that was pretty hot, wasn’t it? The point is that there are many women and girls out there that sport incredibly sexy and authentic arm tattoos that will make any man envious.

Arm tattoo for girls

Diamond arm tattoo for women

The latest fashion of inner arm tattoos

Hands up and let me see what you’ve got! The hidden arm tattoo has become an icon of its own lately since celebrities have started to prefer it to any other body part for ink. Expressing their faith believes, tributes or just general preferences, a tattoo on the inner arm can be quite a powerful weapon that you can bring up at the right time! It goes for men and women alike, and its visibility remains a question of taste and intent.

inner arm tattoos

inner arm tattoo for men

Armbands tattoo – traditional vs unique

The armband’s symbol may be the most common, yet most diverse tattoo there is. And while you might think that the tattoo armbands are old news and have long gone out of style, you may still be surprised by some very original and trendy designs. This article is meant to shed some light on the ever-present styles and models in the field, in opposition to the unusual and more peculiar ones.

A message is a significant part of a tattoo, regardless of its shape or locations; this type of tattoos does not lack in meaning either. You can represent almost any part of your life, passions or interests in an arm bands tattoo, the challenge being even more magnificent as you have to enclose it in a circular shape.

Armbands tattoo

black Armbands tattoo

The return of the tribal arm tattoos

A tribal tattoo on the arm says a lot about the person wearing it. Men most commonly choose the design and, though they don’t have a specific meaning or a traditional significance, they tend to represent the person through their complexity or particularities of the design. And there is, of course, the one crucial aspect of a tribal tattoo for arm, which is the “bad boy” look that it offers and which seems to be the major reason men go for it.

As opposed to other kinds of tattoos justifications, such as tribute or respect for a loved one, the main idea surrounding the tribal arm tattoo appears to be killer looks.

tribal arm tattoo

tribal arm tattoo with flowers

Give your arms original sleeves!

Have you been flirting with the idea of getting a tattoo but don’t know what and don’t know where? Try getting an arm tattoo as it is a great place that doesn’t involve a great deal of pain, and it is straightforward to protect in the healing period. You can choose from thousands of designs, colours, sizes or whole concepts. All you need is determination and a little research, and you will get the most impressive, one of a kind tattoo on the arm. It’s all up to you and the artist you pick to have it inked, so make sure you are well understood in order not to face any surprises.

sleeve tattoos for men

sleeve tattoos for women

How to Fully Exploit the Effect of the Tribal Arm Tattoo

For men, tribal arm designs have always been the first option when it comes to getting a tattoo. Tribal patterns are a bold choice, and especially when worn on the arms, they are guaranteed not to pass unnoticed. With so many options out there for tribal patterns, the only limitations of having a particular idea or motif integrated into new tattoo designs are dictated by your preference and the skill of the tattoo artist.

Why Do Men Prefer Arm Tattoos?

The effect of a tattoo is significantly influenced by the place where it is situated on the body. While some people who like to show off their tattoos choose more visible body regions for their designs, others have a more intimate, personal connection with their tattoos and therefore prefer to hide them from the eyes of strangers.

Unlike men, representatives of the weaker sex generally fall into the second category, aiming for tattoos that are smaller in size (and thus easier to conceal) and getting them in less visible regions on the body. By comparison, men generally don’t seem to suffer from this shyness factor and prefer more extensive, more visible tattoos on areas of the body that are more exposed to the naked eye.

This is why arm tattoos are men’s all-time favourites.


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