Tattoos of celebrities, news and their latest tattoos, but also their meaning will be discussed in this section.

Zodiac Tattoo

Fascinating Zodiac Tattoo Designs

You have to learn more about astrology in detail if you would like to find the most suitable zodiac tattoo designs. Astrology is a thought-provoking subject and zodiac signs which represent the twelve constellations are a fascinating symbolism of destiny and character charted by the position of the planets during a person’s time of birth. …

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white ink tattoo design

Things to consider before getting a white ink tattoo

Sporting a white ink tattoo, celebrities including Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna made a bold statement, and since then every other teenager is going gaga over this super cool form of body art. Imagine how cool a bright-colored mandala design outlined with white ink would look. The intricate patterns and exotic appearance is the reason why …

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