A Complete List of Johnny Depp Tattoos: Best tattoos of Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most versatile actors in recent years. We have seen in many movies, and like many of his persona, Mr. Depp also has a lot of tattoo in his body. By the time of this writing, Captain Jack Sparrow have 27 tattoos in total. A significant number of his tattoos are dedicated to his inner circle, and some are devoted to his portrayal in his favorite movie.

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We are listing Johnny Depp tattoos from the top to the bottom of his body, complete with the meaning.

1. Crow (right hand)


Johnny Depp loves the ‘The Crow’ so much he tattooed the crow symbol in his right hand. It also to remember the late Brendan Lee, who died when filming ‘The Crow.’

2. Skull & Crossbones (inner bicep)

kull & Crossbones

These tattoos signify danger. It is also the most recognized Jolly Roger of the pirates. Johnny likes this tattoo because of the connection to his role in Pirates of the Caribbean.

3. No Reason (right wrist)

Johnny Depp Tattoo

Precisely as the name suggests.

4. Silence, Exile, Cunning (left arm)

Silence, Exile, Cunning

A quote from the book ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ by James Joyce.

5. SLIM to SCUM (knuckles)

SLIM to SCUM tattoo

This tattoo is dedicated to his now ex-wife, Amber Heard. Johnny changes it to scum after the divorce.

6. Comanche Shield (right calf)

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp tattooed this one to honor his ancestors, who were native Indians.

7. Gonzo Fist (left calf)

Gonzo Fist Johnny Depp tattoo

Johnny Depp supported the idea of Gonzo Journalism from his close friend, Hunter S. Thompson

8. Sailor (right arm forearm)

Sailor tattoo

This tattoo is a portrait of Johnny Depp’s grandfather, who was a sailor.

9. Betty Sue Portrait (left arm forearm)

Betty Sue Portrait

Another tattoo for Johnny Depp’s mother, Betty Sue. In this portrait, Betty Sue is using his waitress uniform.

10. Guitarist (left bicep) – One of our favorite Johnny Depp Tattoos
johnny depp tattoos - guitarist

Depp’s aspiration to become a rock band member is coming true. His son draws this one.

11. Inverted triangle (left bicep)

Inverted triangle johny depp tattoo

There is no significant story behind this tattoo. But it is known to be drawn by the Russian painter, Ilya Chasnik.

12. Lily-Rose Depp (chest)

Lily-Rose Depp

This tattoo is Johnny Depp’s daughter’s name.

13. No Reason (right wrist)

No Reason

Precisely as the name suggests.

14. Rook Tattoo (left forearm)

Rook Tattoo

Johnny Depp is a fan of the card game rook. In this tattoo, there are three visible cards.

15. Skeleton Key (left wrist)

Skeleton Key

Johnny Depp once said, “One was a skeleton key because for me when I was a child, I thought that a skeleton key could literally open any door. So that if you ever got your hands on a skeleton key, you’d be almost unstoppable—no barrier could hold you back. It seemed like an incredibly magical thing. For me now, that’s still what it represents.”

16. Snake (right forearm)

snake tattoo of johny depp

Another sign of Johnny Depp roots in as Native Indians. The snake symbolizes the primordial energy in Indians culture.

17. Jack (and Sparrow) (right arm)

johnny depp jack sparrow tattoo

This tattoo is originally a fake tattoo to support his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. But Mr. Depp loves it so much he got it inked in real life.

18. The Brave (right arm)

the brave

Johnny Depp has directed a movie before, “The Brave” (1997). A homage to his first director debut.

19. Three Hearts (upper left arm)

johnny depp Three Hearts tattoo

This one signifies that Johnny Depp is a family.

It represents his ex-wife Vanessa, and his two kids Jack Sparrow and Lyly Rose.

20. Three Rectangles (right hand)

Three Rectangles (right hand)

Another tattoo that represents Depp’s connection with the number “3.”

21. Wind Over The Heaven (right bicep)

Wind Over The Heaven johny depp tattoo

He got this matching tattoos with Marylyn Manson. This symbolized wind over heaven.

22. Winona Forever – Wino Forever (right bicep)

Winona Forever

Do you know that Depp was in a relationship with Winona Rider a long time ago? When they broke up, Depp changes the tattoo to Wino Forever. Quite funny.

23. Zig Zag (left hand)

Zig Zag

One of the many tattoos that shows that Depp has great respect for his Native Americans culture ghostwriter günstig. Zig Zag symbol represents the soul that will go from earth to heaven.

24. ? (right leg)

question mark tattoo

No significant information about this tattoo.

25. Salve Ogum (left arm)

Salve Ogum tattoo

An afro American deity called Ogum. While Salve is a Latin meaning of saving ghostwriter bachelorarbeit kosten. Depp got this tattoo on his trip to Hawaii.

26. Les Fleurs Du Mal (back)

Les Fleurs Du Mal

Another tattoo that is matching his best friend, Marilyn Manson studienarbeit schreiben lassen. Manson describes it as “the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing.”

27. Brothers (Chest)

Brothers johny depp tattoo

This one also a matching tattoo with Marilyn Manson. “This one I actually got with Johnny Depp. It says “brother” on the outside and my name and his name in the middle of it. Mark Mahoney did it.” says Manson.

28. Betty Sue (bicep)

Betty Sue

Betty Sue is Johnny Depp’s mother’s name.

29. Three (left hands)


Johnny Depp believes that 3 is a magical number. He once stated that in an interview that it involves people to make a third one (a baby), so he believes 3 is a mystical number. “3 is a sort of special number for me hausarbeit schreiben lassen kosten. It’s a very creative number. Triangle, trinity — you know, two people make another person. Three is a mystical, magical number.”

30. Man is a giddy thing (left inner bicep)

Man is a giddy thing

Another tattoo that is drawn by Johnny Depp’s son, Jack Sparrow.

The ‘Man is a Giddy thing’ is a famous line from Shakespeare’s hausarbeit schreiben lassen novel Much Ado About Nothing and also a line from the Mumford and Sons song “Sigh No More.”

His son, Jack, added the faceless man on top of the line.

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