10 Sexy Foot Tattoos for Women

It seems as though every woman who gets tattoos eventually ends up getting one on her foot. It’s right out of the way place that is easy to hide but even easier to show off. The foot is a good piece of canvas to work with, and there are two of them! Foot tattoos for women can vary greatly, but most of the time, it’s going to be something that will look good with a pair of rocking high heels. Something sexy that will attract the eyes of onlookers. Whether something tiny or something that covers the entire foot, there are endless possibilities.

The following is a list of sexy foot tattoos for women that is sure to strike the fancy of you if you’re in the market for a foot tattoo.

Shiny Stars Foot Tattoo

This is a pretty fancy looking tattoo with swirls, stars, and starbursts.

Shiny Swirly Stars

Shiny Swirly Stars


This super sexy foot tattoo looks like a permanent anklet with a heart charm on it.

Anklet foot tattoo

Tribal Foot tattoos for women

This black tribal is simple but sexy.

Tribal Foot tattoos for women



This sexy mermaid foot tattoo is bright and colorful.

mermaid foot tattoo

Cherry Blossom

These cherry blossoms almost look real, taking up almost this whole foot.

Cherry Blossom 

Orange Flower

This sexy orange tattoo has swirls coming out of the sides.

Orange Flower

Swirly Stars

This is a very simple black line foot tattoo, with swirls coming out of stars.

Swirly Stars 

Sexy Butterfly

This sexy purple butterfly looks like he’s flying away from an elegant looking black flower/tribal.

purple butterfly

Shaded Flowers

These sexy flowers look almost real with their beautiful black and white shading.

Shaded Flowers

Blue Butterfly

This gorgeous butterfly tattoo has shaded swirls highlighting it, almost looking like motion as it flies.

blue butterfly with shades

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