60 Small Tattoos Ideas with Pictures

Tiny or small tattoos?

Let’s have a little talk about it. Some people are concerned about the size. But a tattoo is still a tattoo whatever the size is.

Here, we can provide you ideas, designs, and info so you can choose what you get.

It’s essential to choose the right tattoo design and size so you can be pleased with the end.

Check out these fantastic and fresh small tattoo ideas and designs:

1. Tree design on your wrist

This is a cute idea if you have your first tattoo

tree wrist tattoo
tree wrist tattoo

2. Different sizes of planets

If you get these planet tattoos coloured it will look much better

Check this out: 148 – Cloud tattoos and Japanese tattoos designs

small planets tattoo

3. Unique paper plane on your shoulder

This could bring back memories from your childhood and is super cool too

paper plane tattoo

4. Music notes on different parts of your body

If you love music or you are a music artist, this is the best tattoo idea for you

music notes tattoo

5. A little fox on your wrist

Isn’t that nice?

little fox tattoo

6. Quotes to describe you or to inspire others

Some kind words to remember facts

Quotes tattoo

7. Geometric shapes

If you love maths, then go for it

8. A small elephant

Always attractive

small elephant tattoo

9. Butterflies – neck tattoo

Very feminine and soft idea

butterfly neck tattoo

10. World map tattoo idea

Love to travel? Then you should do it

World map tattoo

11. Quotes “no fear” on your feet

You should be fearless for choosing this one

no fear foot tattoo

12. Little birds

Always a good idea for this kind of tattoo

little birds tattoo

13. Dandelion small idea tattoo

A dandelion blowing in the wind is a fantastic tattoo

small dandelion tattoo

14. Rose

It can be anywhere if you are looking for a small size tattoo

Another good one: 125 – Tree Tattoos Ideas with all their meanings

small dandelion tattoo

15. Cat tattoo on different shapes – because who doesn’t love cats?

These tattoos are so cute

small Cat tattoo

16. Penguin small tattoo on your wrist

So simple and nice

small Penguin tattoo

17. A small and coloured octopus

Another one so cute

18. “Just live” quote on your chest

Or it can be below your collar bone or even on your shoulder

19. A lotus flower

Check out this little one

small lotus flower

20. Geometrical lotus flower; coloured or black and white

This one should be placed on your shoulder blade

small Geometrical lotus flower

21. Compass tattoo with different designs

This is simply amazing

small Compass tattoo

22. A coloured sunflower tattoo

This is so unique

small coloured sunflower tattoo

23. Mandala

Different designs, same meaning

Mandala small tattoo

24. A small cross tattoo

This is so special

small cross tattoo

25. An amazing tiger

Nice one

small tiger tattoo

26. Moon tattoo

This one should be small

small Moon tattoo

27. A tiny camera

It looks so cool

tiny camera tattoo

28. Initials tattoo

For your best friend or even your half

small Initials tattoo

29. Anchor

With different designs, this one should be so cool on your wrist

small Anchor tattoo

Are you ready for the next 30?

30. Goldfish

A small and cute reddish-golden fish

small Goldfish tattoo

31. A barn swallow

It can be coloured or black which is always a cool idea for a small tattoo

small barn swallow tattoo

32. A pressed flower

This one looks so real like the one you used to press between the pages

pressed flower tattoo

33. Insect

This is amazing too

small Insect tattoo

34. Fingers tattoo ideas

This is so popular. remember that you can’t hide Finger Tattoos like this one

Fingers tattoo

35. A cute coconut tree

Amazing coloured or even black is such a cool idea

small coconut tree tattoo

36. A rabbit

This little fluffy should be anywhere on your body

small rabbit tattoo

37. A flower on your hand tattoo

So unique and feminine

small flower hand tattoo

38. A tiny rose behind the ear

If you want to hide your tattoo, this is the best spot

39. Small arrows ( This one is so cool )

Small arrows tattoo

40. Small heart tattoo

Common and unique at the same time when you choose a different design

Small heart tattoo

41. Owl ( Looks imposing )

small Owl tattoo

42. Hummingbird

Colourful and attractive, I love this idea

small Hummingbird tattoo

43. Tree of life on your wrist tattoo idea

This is amazing and super cute

Tree of life small tattoo

44. Fairy tattoo behind the ear idea

Always a great idea for a small tattoo

Fairy tattoo behind the ear

45. A cute ballet dancer ( So beautiful )

ballet dancer small tattoo

46. The Sun

It can have a different meaning, and that’s so unique

sun small tattoo

47. A tiny aeroplane tattoo ( If you love to travel around the world, you should have this one )rose behind the ear tattoo

48. A Common cockle tattoo idea

This is so cool especially if you are a beach lover

cockle tattoo

49. Sakura tree with pastel colours

Could be small or big, it will always be a nice idea

sakura tree tattoo

50. A beautiful unicorn

This is so adorable

small unicorn tattoo

51. Gun tattoo idea that could be anywhere

So fresh and crispy

small Gun tattoo

52. A ship with details

It looks so beautiful

small ship tattoo

53. Friendship knot idea on your wrist

For best friends and people that you love

friendship knot tattoo

54. Dates tattoo idea

Dates tattoo

55. A cute giraffe

Giraffe are simply adorable

small giraffe tattoo

56. Your baby’s footprint on your wrist tattoo idea

This is the cutest and littlest tattoo ever

baby footprints tattoo on wrist

57. Nice little waves tattoo

If you love watching the sea or the ocean because it makes you feel free, then is a good idea for a small tattoo

little waves tattoo

58. A boat

For travellers and sea lovers

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59. Small tiger coloured

This is so beautiful, and you can make it in different shapes or different sizes and colours which will be even more unique.

Check this out: 99 – Insect tattoo ideas with meanings out there!

Small tiger coloured

60. Different quotes idea

You can have a motto or even a movie quote, and it will be so fresh and powerful.

Must see: The 10 top most tattoo designs for both men and women

small quotes tattoos for women

Source of images: Pinterest.com

I hope you like them!

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