Why Men With Cool Tattoos Are So Damn Attractive

Men with cool tattoos make women go weak in their knees. According to a recent study, women find the tattooed men to be more masculine, healthy and attractive as compared to non-tattooed men. Imagine bumping into a decent looking guy and suddenly catching a glimpse of his cool tattoo. In a fraction of seconds, this decent and sophisticated guy will become even more attractive to you. Still not sure what I am talking about?

Let’s look at the reasons why women find tattooed men so damn attractive

cool tattoos for guys

cool tattoos for guys

The startling factor

A good tattoo can make even the most boring man look thrilling and charming. They have an edge in whatever they do or wherever they go. Even an ordinary accountant appears like a rock star if he has that perfect looking tattoo.

Shows Commitment on Cool tattoos

Body art of any kind shows that you’re broad-minded and liberal. Tattoos like Black Panther also give an impression that you’re not afraid to commit. Getting a permanent tattoo is a long-term commitment, and it indeed shows a person’s loyalty and devotion.

cool tattoos for men

cool tattoos for men

Muggers avoid messing up with them

Your man might be a cow with you, but his cool tattoos make him look masculine to other people. Muggers will think two times if not ten before robbing him. However, this logic doesn’t apply if your man is skinny and gawky.

You can get matching tattoos

Matching tattoos might sound silly to some people but what’s better than being silly together in love? Getting matching tattoos becomes quite logical when your man already has cool tattoos. However, avoid getting each other’s name inked as it will become embarrassing if you guys break-up.

Strength symbol

Getting a permanent tattoo inked is a painful process. According to a theory, if a man is strong enough to bear this pain, he can get through rough times in a relationship.

Alpha male impression

Alpha male tattoo

Alpha male tattoo

By now, we know that men with cool tattoos appear masculine and dominant to women. This is also related to higher testosterone levels. Such men are considered as alpha males who take charge and are capable of protecting their partner.

The ‘J ’ factor

Your popularity among women will make the other boys do anything to become like you. Getting a tattoo inked is a good way to make the other boys jealous of you. They might even ask you for tips as your cool tattoos give you an ideal ‘dude’ image.

cool tattoos

cool tattoos

The Bottom Line

Gone are the times when tattoos were considered taboo. Today every other person is seen sporting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo inked is a great way to gain easy popularity and woo the girls. There is something about these cool tattoos that attract women. So if you are a great but an average looking guy who wants to impress a girl, symbols are meant just for you. Try to work on those abs though as even tattoos can’t save your ass if you’re just a bag of bones.

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