Best 17 Thumbprint Tattoo Ideas [ With Gallery ]

In the olden days, members of different tribes used to ink themselves with tattoos as they believed it highlighted their uniqueness and individuality. To this day, tattoos hold the reputation of providing one the sense of being comfortable in their own skin and the warmth of self-acceptance and self-love. In a world that is continuously trying to change us, thumbnail tattoos might help us in anchoring ourselves and relish in the beauty of our own reality.

thumbprint Tattoo Ideas

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What are thumbprint tattoos you may ask?

As a by-product of mainstream tattoo art which inks designs and pictures on people’s bodies, thumbprint tattoos are a rage these days. It is a kind of tattoo art where the artist incorporates your thumbprints into a picture and inks in onto your skin. As if tattoos weren’t personalized enough, thumbprint tattoos go one step further into the world of personalization.
Since this is a world of intense creativity, there are infinite possibilities. There are many thumbprint tattoo ideas that you may consider, few of which are mentioned below.

1. A heart-shaped tattoo

You may consider making a heart-shaped tattoo out of your thumbprints. Being very quaint and simple in nature, it symbolizes the fact that sometimes in this life which is full of complexities, the small, simple things are the ones that matter the most.

heart shaped thumbprint tattoo small heart shaped thumbprint tattoo thumbprint tattoo

2. A tree-shaped tattoo

A tree usually stands for strength, resilience, and unselfishness. Just like a tree stands undeterred by storms and strong winds and gives us so much without asking in return, some people stand strong in the face of life’s struggles and yet manage to retain their kindness and warmth. This tattoo speaks a lot about a person’s strength and character.

tree-shaped thumbprint tattoo

3. An intricate design

This is one of the more abstract, complicated and time taking designs. Just like life, it has many twists and turns, but the end result is beautiful. It emphasizes on the fact that life is highly complicated and disappointing sometimes; however, at the end of the day this life is a blessing and it indeed is very beautiful.

intricate design thumbprint tatt style

4. A feather – Our favorite thumbprint tattoo

A feather is a symbol of sensitivity and delicacy. People usually think that being sensitive is for the weak and deny any sensitivity they show. However, we seem to have forgotten the fact that sensitivity and kindness are a few of the core beliefs of humanity itself. In this harsh world, a soft soul is a gift. This tattoo is a reminder of this virtue.

feather thumbprint tattoo

5. A simple fingerprint with a date you want to remember

This tattoo is a reminder for a date that is very close to your heart. Adding your thumbprint to this date symbolizes how special it is to you and that it played an important role in making you the person you are today.

fingerprint tattoo

These are only a few of the innumerable thumbprint tattoo ideas that are there.

A big chunk of responsibility lies on the tattoo artist who should make sure that sterilized needles and skin safe paints are used. Always remember to care for your tattoo to ensure longevity and keep skin irritations at bay.


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