Top 28 Wolf Tattoo Ideas

There are myths and legends depicting wolves with various attributes around the world: some are good spiritual beings; some are evil. Are the wolf tattoos carrying the same dual symbols or their messages are clearer?

Is the wolf baying at the moon a demonic creature or just a lonely soul screaming out its pain? And what about the feared werewolf? Is a wolf tattoo the expression of the aggressive nature of its bearer or a statement of another kind?

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The rapacious wolves, although feared by humans, are also admired for their skills and their loyalty, fidelity, and commitment for the success of the wolf pack.

Wolves are known to mate for life, yet how many tattoo bearers choose this symbol to make a declaration of faithfulness and love?

Probably not so many. When people get tattooed to show their allegiance to a gang, the wolf can be seen more as the symbol of the group and less as a form of self-expression. In this particular case, the tattoo representing a wolf inspires fear through its outlaw and predatory attributes.

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Are people choosing these tattoos designs representing wolves also for their evil mystic significance? Some demonic sects do use tattooing to identify their members, and the demonic wolves, werewolves, and shape-shifters are not rare models.

werewolve tattoo

demonic wolve tattoo drawing for arm

Tattoos representing wolves can also be chosen to symbolize freedom from social restraints.

Wolves’ tattooing artwork is typical for individuals who feel some restrains of their inner self and need to demonstrate the ability to use their free arbiter.

wolf tattoo sleeve

The Celtic and Native American cultures consider the wolf baying at the moon as symbolizing self-awareness and the sixth sense.

celtic wolf tattoo

This wolf is a pathfinder, so a tat representing the wolf baying at the moon is far from being a wicked statement.

wolf and moon tattoo

As many other tattoo patterns, the wolf is dual, its meaning being given by the tat’s design and other related elements.


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